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    Archive for September, 2006

    Pay Dot Com Payment System

    Posted by CJCM on 29th September 2006

    Due to the difficulty of joining ClickBank, I have been waiting for something like this for long time….and today must be a lucky day for a lot of people. Checkout Pay Dot Com as described by Colbert in his blog.

    PayDotCom is the new paypal-based alternative to ClickBank. As an affiliate you can promote the products listed at PayDotCom just like you can at ClickBank – it’s simply a new affiliate network that you can join for free and earn money through product sales. The only major difference is that you dont have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail… they payout via PayPal.

    As a merchant, PayDotCom has a lot of features that make it a more appealing option than ClickBank. For starters, your merchant account is free (unlike ClickBank which charges a $49.95 activation fee).

    And again, you dont have to wait for a check – in fact, when one of your products sells (either directly, or through one of your affiliates) the money goes directly into your PayPal or Stormpay account. There’s no waiting period at all.

    Another perk is that you can sell an unlimited number of products through your PayDotCom account. With ClickBank you can only sell one product per account (unless you purchase EasyClickMate software to get around this) – which means you pay $49.95 to set up each product on ClickBank. PayDotCom does have a one time $29 activation fee for multiple products, but that one fee will allow you to set up an unlimited number of products.

    PayDotCom can also help you set up an affiliate program and all payments go to your Paypal account. Cool.

    Source SMSGuide Blog

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    Problogger’s Group Writing Project

    Posted by CJCM on 25th September 2006

    I had commented on one of the posting, The Business Boxing Match:: Success vs. Failure by Wendy Piersall, the author of eMoms at Home blog. The blog is one of my favourite blogs that I frequently read. On top of that I am also a reguar visitor to ProBlogger authored by Darren Rowse. Both blogs are listed in my Blogroll.

    Instead of replying to my comment in her blog, Wendy had the courtesy of personally thanking me via the email and at the same time asked whether I had participated in the ProBlogger group writing project that week. I didnt know about the project so I quickly went to over ProBlogger and found out more about the group writng project.

    I made an instant decision to join and spend the next hour writing on How To Accept Mistakes and Dont Blame Others.

    I had so much fun being part of the project, got to know a few other bloggers as a results of that and very happy with the publicity generated by just writing an article and submit it to the project.

    Wendy…thank you for your email. I will definitely join the future group writing project run by ProBlogger.

    For those who doesnt know about the project, you can read about it here.

    I also list all the submissions here….all 343 submissions….great job Darren. Enjoy….

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    Click Flipping, Life After Adsense

    Posted by CJCM on 21st September 2006

    So Scott finally released his second part of his e-book that discussed about The Death of Adsense.

    I just downloaded the e-book. If you havent, click here to get it while it is still hot :)
    According to Scott, Smart Pricing Killed Adsense. Period. So he came up with his own device called Click Flipping as an alternative to Adsense.

    How does it works? Let Scott reveals it in his second chapter Life After Adsense.

    Good luck to you…in the mean time I have to go back to Scott’s e-book to understand what the heck is this Click Flipping


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    The Death of Adsense, Part 2

    Posted by CJCM on 20th September 2006

    I got an email from Scott Boulch, the author of The Death Of Adsense e-book. Here are some of that he wrote in the email:

    At the time of this writing we have had over 20,500 people download “The Death Of AdSense”.

    We even hit # 424 on Alexa’s list of the top 100,000 most popular sites last week!

    I’m doing the final editing on the second part today and getting ready to
    open up the doors on part II!

    If you havent downloaded the e-book, click here to get it now.

    Tomorrow Scott will be releasing the second part of the e-book. So check it out tomorrow to get your second part of the e-book free and find out for yourselves if Adsense is really dead.

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    How To Accept Mistakes and Dont Blame Others

    Posted by CJCM on 20th September 2006

    Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes done by us can be caused by us ourselves or by third parties. Often times, we are easily led by our own self esteem and self defence to blame others around us for the mistakes we have committed.

    In general, the thought of we are responsible for our own mistakes cannot be comprehended by most of us. This is normal for majority of human being, after all who wants to be blamed for any mistake, regardless of whether it is our or someone else’s mistakes?

    However, having someone to blame for our mistakes does not solve the problem by itself and more often than not, it would only create more problem especially in the relationship with that person or everyone else around us.

    The only solution to this is to find way for us to accept sole responsibility for our mistakes, learn from the incident, forgive ourselves and get on with lives, without severing any relationship you may already have with any third party. But how to achieve this?

    As an example, let say you did not achieve something you want to have, because, from your analysis, someone else had done something he or she shouldnt have done in the first place. Instead of blaming he or she for that, you perform a root cause analysis trying to find the cause of your failure. Sure enough you will get to the point where that someone was the cause of the whole mistake. However, don’t just stop there. Go back one step further and try to think what you could have done to avoid that person from committing his mistakes causing you to lose your goal. Once you find all the possibilities of what you could have done to avoid that person’s mistakes, now you have someone else to blame….yourself…for not doing what you could have done.

    You may ask whats the point if we blame ourselves for any mistakes we go through? There are many advantages of accepting mistakes, blame ourselves for it and get on with our lives.

    1. Blaming ourselves for our failures avoids possible relationship-related problems with the third party which could only creates more problem making you prone to commit more mistakes.
    2. We can train ourselves at finding the root-causes of every problem causing our mistakes, evaluate every possible actions we could have done, thereby presenting ourselves a chance to avoid similar problems in the future.
    3. It is easier to forgive ourselves than to forgive others.

    I can go on and on and on to list down all the advantages of blaming ourselves but I hope the three reasons above would give you some hints of what I am driving at.

    So whatever bad things happen to you, always find out what you could have done to avoid it, blame yourselves for not doing it, forgive yourselves, and get on with lives.

    I hope you enjoy this posting, and if you did not it was not your fault, I could have done much better by many other means but I didn’t, so this is my mistake. I will try better in my other posting.

    This post has been submitted to ProBlogger in conjunction with ProBlogger Group Writing Project.

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    Learning Computer Programming at Bendigo College

    Posted by CJCM on 19th September 2006

    I never thought programming is so much fun. All the while, I thought facing the computer screen day-in day-out would be very boring. That’s the main reason I thought I didnt like computer course. Circumstances however changed my perception about computing.

    At Bendigo College of Advanced Education, I started my first year of studying Computing with much curiosity due to my initial thought about computers. Slowly, I began to like what I thought I hated most. Computer programming had proven to be very interesting for me. I started with BASIC programming language and then progress further with Pascal.

    Pascal is a very interesting programming language to learn. I was made to understand Pascal is particularly suitable for introducing students to programming due to its English-like syntax.

    I still remember the first major project I did in my computer programming subject using Pascal. We were asked to write a computer program to handle sales of tickets for a stadium. The program was supposed to be installed at ticket vending machines at the stadium.

    If I remember correctly, there were some conditions that we had to handle in the system such as the different pricing for different sections of the stadium. The program also had to handle different pricing for adult and children. The most interesting part was how to handle the total pricing, receive cash from the customers, calculates how much to refund the balance and calculate what were the type and number of currency denominations to dispense from the vending machines when giving out the balance.

    I was so hooked-up to completing the assignment that I spent every single free slot between lectures in the computer lab. My friends commented that I looked like zombie for spending long hours in the lab.

    The best part of that assignment was that I was among the first students to complete the project well before date line. And the program worked perfectly producing correct results. I had so much fun testing the system just to see how the system calculates what type of currency denomination the machine should give when giving out change.

    Learning Pascal programming language was really one of the greatest things I had ever experienced in my computing study.

    Did you learn Pascal? What is your favourite programming language? Let us know your experience.

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    Webmasters….backup your database.

    Posted by CJCM on 16th September 2006

    Webmasters….if you haven’t backed up your databases yet….stop reading this now and go to your control panel and perform the backup at once. And remember to do that every day if your website contents change all the time.

    I have just recovered from one of my biggest shock in my life. I was working in mySQL database control panel. I wanted to do some cleaning up of the databases because there are quite a few junks in there due to some testings previously.

    Thinking I was deleting one of those junk databases, I clicked ‘Yes’ to confirm the deletion and after it’s done then only I realized I had accidently deleted a live database used for one of my directory website.

    I couldnt describe the inner feeling I had 30 minutes ago. I just didnt know what to do. I remember in the TOS with my webhosting company that backing up my databases is my own responsibility and that the backup done by the webhosting company is for their own disaster recovery purpose. I was doomed…..all I was thinking was how dumb and stupid of me for not double checking what I wanted to delete and double dumb and stupid for not performing a regular backup.

    Out of desperation, I called the mobile number of the support center for the web hosting company and I explained to the support engineer my predicament. Eventhough the company is not in anyway obliged to do the restoration for me especially that I have no backup, he promised me to try to help me to restore the database as of yesterday. He has asked me to report the incident through the support website which I promply did, mentioning that I have talked to him about this incident.

    Guess what, within less than 10 minutes of my sending the incident ticket, my database was fully restored as at last night 1.00am. I quickly checked the website content and I was so happy that I didnt lose much content as a result of that. In fact, I dont think I lose any content at all..I need to check that later to reconfirm…for now I have to tell this story first while it is still hot.

    I cant describe how grateful I am for the fast and efficient services provided by Internet-Webhosting.com. This is not the first time the engineers at Internet-Webhosting.com have impressed upon me. On many occassions before, I found their support and services, from sales to post technical support, have been nothing less than excellent. I never had to wait more than two hours to get resolutions to any problem I had with regards to webhosting technical stuffs. The guys at Internet-Webhosting.com are simply terrific and helpful.

    I hope they will continue to provide excellent services to all their clients the way they have reponded to my needs….I wish Internet-Webhosting.com all the very best in their business endeavour. Continue doing what you are already doing and I can assure you have me as your client….forever?

    And hey…did I mention that the webhosting packages offered by Internet-Webhosting.com are also very competitive, if not one of the cheapest? Go and check it out and I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed. I have registered for three domains inclusive of web hosting packages at Internet-Webhosting.com. One more new domain needed, I think I better go for reseller plan….:)

    Phew…..Internet-Webhosting.com made my day.

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    The Death of Adsense?

    Posted by CJCM on 15th September 2006

    Someone thinks Adsense is dead. They are so sure about it that they pay .50 cents for every ebook downloaded from this site..

    I have downloaded the ebook as well, not because I want Adsense to die but to further find out what is this site talking about. At least if Adsense really dies, I know the cause of the death and what is there available to take over from Adsense.

    You wondering yourself? Check it out here..

    In the mean time, don’t remove your Adsense codes from your blogs and websites just yet because at this present moment, Adsense is still alive and kicking.

    News source from Colbert’s blog.

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    IBM JX - My first experience with the PC

    Posted by CJCM on 8th September 2006

    ibm_jx.jpgWhen I started my Bachelor of Applied Science course at the BCAE, that was my first time ever I laid my fingers on the computer keyboard. The very first computer that I used was IBM JX. At that time, 1985, it was considered as one of the state-of-the-art personal computer ever introduced. With its slim design and small footprint, IBM JX was really a beauty at that time.

    Ever wondered how powerful this computer at that time? Take a look at the configuration below :

    NAME : PC JX
    TYPE : Home Computer
    ORIGIN : U.S.A.
    YEAR : October 1984
    KEYBOARD : Full stroke 79-key with 10 function-key and arrow keys
    CPU : Intel 8088
    SPEED : 4.77 MHz
    CO-PROCESSOR : No 8087 socket
    RAM JX : 64k (up to 512k)
    JX2 : 128k
    VRAM JX : 16k
    JX2 : 32k
    ROM : 128k
    TEXT MODES : 40 or 80 chars. x 25 lines in 8 colors
    GRAPHIC MODES : 320 x 200 / 640 x 200 (16 colors) / 720 x 512 (2 colors)
    COLORS : 16
    SOUND : 3 channels, 8 octaves
    I/O PORTS : 2 cartridge ports (64 KB each), Centronics (optional), RS232, Joystick, Light Pen
    BUILT IN MEDIA : 2 x 3.5” disk-drives
    OS : MS DOS 2.1
    POWER SUPPLY : Built-in power supply unit
    PERIPHERALS : Expansion unit - Houses a 5.25” FDD and 5 expansion slots

    Ha ha ha…I know some of you must be laughing, but this was really one of the most powerful PC in that era. You need to have two 3.5″ diskettes to run this gadget. One disk drive is for MSDOS, and the other disk drive to save all your data. The 3.5″ disk then could only store up to 360KB of data.

    Did you notice the speed? A whopping 4.77 Mhz….he he he. I used this PC to learn BASIC programming language. That was my first ever computer language I had learned.

    Looking back, it is really amazing to see how much PC technology had advanced. The processing power that we have in a PC now was actually the processing power of a mainframe or minicomputer decades ago. Even then, the cost was so expensive that only big corporations could afford it.

    What was the first PC you ever used? Come on share with us your experience.

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    MalaysiaPal officially launched today.

    Posted by CJCM on 5th September 2006

    Today is a big day for Hafiz a.k.a Bitol. After weeks of planning, his MalaysiaPal affiliate program is finally launched today. To coincide with that launch, Hafiz had promised a free e-book ‘PayPal Alternative in Malaysia’ which teaches us the easiest, cheapest and proven way to withdraw money from PayPal.

    I have downloaded the free copy and after reading it, I was amazed at the contents of the book. Step by step guides with screen captures of how the process works. Thumbs up to Hafiz.

    Not only that, the e-book is now available in both English and Malay languages.

    You can download the valuable e-book for free by clicking the banner on the left of this posting or click here to become an affiliate of MalaysiaPal and receive the e-book for free.

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