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    Learning Computer Programming at Bendigo College

    Posted by CJCM on September 19th, 2006 | EMail This Post

    I never thought programming is so much fun. All the while, I thought facing the computer screen day-in day-out would be very boring. That’s the main reason I thought I didnt like computer course. Circumstances however changed my perception about computing.

    At Bendigo College of Advanced Education, I started my first year of studying Computing with much curiosity due to my initial thought about computers. Slowly, I began to like what I thought I hated most. Computer programming had proven to be very interesting for me. I started with BASIC programming language and then progress further with Pascal.

    Pascal is a very interesting programming language to learn. I was made to understand Pascal is particularly suitable for introducing students to programming due to its English-like syntax.

    I still remember the first major project I did in my computer programming subject using Pascal. We were asked to write a computer program to handle sales of tickets for a stadium. The program was supposed to be installed at ticket vending machines at the stadium.

    If I remember correctly, there were some conditions that we had to handle in the system such as the different pricing for different sections of the stadium. The program also had to handle different pricing for adult and children. The most interesting part was how to handle the total pricing, receive cash from the customers, calculates how much to refund the balance and calculate what were the type and number of currency denominations to dispense from the vending machines when giving out the balance.

    I was so hooked-up to completing the assignment that I spent every single free slot between lectures in the computer lab. My friends commented that I looked like zombie for spending long hours in the lab.

    The best part of that assignment was that I was among the first students to complete the project well before date line. And the program worked perfectly producing correct results. I had so much fun testing the system just to see how the system calculates what type of currency denomination the machine should give when giving out change.

    Learning Pascal programming language was really one of the greatest things I had ever experienced in my computing study.

    Did you learn Pascal? What is your favourite programming language? Let us know your experience.

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