Oct 06

External Examiner at University Technology Petronas

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I was at University Technology Petronas (UTP) yesterday as an External Examiner for Final Year IT Project. That was my third involvement as an External Examiner for UTP. I have also been involved in Adjunct Lecturer program at UTP, giving lectures to IT students on specialized topic
of IT Project Management.

Mobile Restaurant System

Yesterday’s session was very interesting. This semester’s projects evolved around Mobile commerce (M-commerce). I saw a lot of M-commerce projects by the final year students. Some of them had good potential to be commercialized.

The one I was really impressed with is a Mobile Restaurant System by Nguyen Kong Minh. His project is simply impressive. The system allows you to order your foods via your mobile phone or PDA. The part that I like most is the fact that Nguyen didn’t just use mobile phone emulator like other students. His project deliverable was shown on real PDA. And it worked flawlessly for the scopes identified in his project. It even integrates to a real SMS notification system.

Not only he impressed me with his project works. His test menu on the mobile system was also…needless to say…very mouth watering…bear in mind that we are in the fasting month of Ramadhan..he..he..he.

Other projects that deserve a mention here also include Grade Trekker System by Jamie Tan and Mobile Bank’s Turn Number Reservation System by Khairil Anuar Abdullah.

Congratulation to Nguyen and other students for their outstanding works. And many thanks to University Technology Petronas for inviting me as part of the External Examiners team this semester.

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  1. # 1 kacman

    man… i feel like org tua ketinggalan zaman oledi

  2. # 2 pusak82

    Yeahhh … UTP student is World Class, nyesal x blaja sungguh2 dulu masa SPM … :D

  3. # 3 CJCM

    @kacman.. mana ada mcm org tua ish ish :)

    @pusak82 … TQ 4 stopping by. Sesal dulu pendapatan..sesal kemudian…cuba laa lagi …jgn ulangi ketidaksungguhan tersebut.. :)

  4. # 4 Danny

    Wow this is real cool! Provided the cost is low…Restaurants will want one.

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