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    What Do You Do As a Blogger?

    Posted by CJCM on December 6th, 2006 | EMail This Post

    Have you ever wondered what does a blogger do everyday? Well, of course we have to write articles for our blog. Thats what we do most of the time. But that’s is not all, especially if you are a paid blogger. In addition to writing for the blogs, a blogger also has to promote his or her blog. There are many ways to promote a bog. The most common one is submitting your blog to blog directories or general web directories. The more directories you submit your blog to, the more chances people will find your blog, increasing traffic to your blog.

    A blogger also should join as many forums as possible where you can promote your blog in those forums. The most common method here is to display your blog in your signature which is visible in all your posting so that people can see and click to look at your blog. The more active you are in a forum, the more chances other forum members will see your blog.

    Of course, a blogger should also visit other blogs written by other bloggers. You should not miss the opportunity to comment in others blogs, contributing to online discussions. If you comment smartly and relevant to the topic being blogged, people will notice you and will want to see your blog and the chances are they might come back for more if your contents are interesting. What type of blogs you would want to visit? Well, you can actually visit any blogs really, but if you are writing for celebrity blogs, for example, it is better if you visits and comments on other celebrity blogs written by others. I like to visit a lot of technology blogs because that is what I am interested in. But I sure do visit other blogs as well for sharing knowledge and experience.

    There are also other chores a blogger does every other day such replying to emails and researching for ideas and materials for the blogs, but in general, bloggers must spend a lot of time promoting his or her blogs so that more people will find his or her blog.

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