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Creamy CREAMaid!

Posted by CJCM on December 9th, 2006 | EMail This Post

CREAMYaid As usual, I just went over to LiewCF.com to check out what is he up to, and it was interesting to know another Malaysian had turned ProBlogger. Very cool. I quickly checked MENJ blog. The first page I landed at talked about CREAMYaid. Creamy what??? Apparently, CREAMYaid is another method a blogger can make extra money blogging. This is not just another blog marketing service. After reading more about CREAMaid I became instantly interested. So I checked out further and decided to join the wagon and see what I can end up with.

So here is what I did:

Step 1
At the main page of CREAMaid, I browse conversations started by Marketers who want to create campaign for their products. In this case I selected a conversation started by CREAMaid itself, to promote its unique service. The conversation is : What does CREAMaid taste like?

Step 2
I visited one of the existing website that already accepted by the Marketer, also known as Conversation Starter, and join the conversation there.

Step 3
I got a code that will create a widget. I am supposed to paste this code in my post.

Step 4
I created this post to talk about CREAMaid and paste the widget code in my post. You should see it there at the boottom of this post.

Step 5
If my post is selected and accepted by the Marketer, my post will be featured in the widget together with all other posts that have been accepted, I will earn a royalty.
If any blogger decide to join the conversation by clicking on my site’s widget, I will earn a referral fee.

So that’s it folks. It seems simple and it is simple. You decide which conversation you want to join, create a post about it, get the widget code for the conversation and include it in your post and sit back.

And how does CREAMaid taste. To tell you honestly, I dont know yet. But I get it will be CREAMY and YUMMY, especially when you start receiving all those royalties and referral fees from CREAMaid.

So have fun with CREAMYaid. Its not hard to join. No signup, no application, no rejection due link popularity crap. Just blog the conversation. The worst thing that can happen, you joined a conversation, you write something totally not CREAMY that the marketer didn’t accept or select your post, so you receive no royalty. But you are in the game…. and its all about having CREAMaid fun blogging your way.

Good luck.

P/S: This conversation What does CREAMaid taste like? may not be active by the time you read this post, so make sure you join only active conversation.

Update: I just received an email from CREAMaid that this post had been selected. Unfortunately, there is no royalty to be received. I think the conversation campaign had finished, which I didn’t check before. But I dont understand why it is still accepting participation.. maybe CREAMaid can clarify this?

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2 Responses to “Creamy CREAMaid!”

  1. CJCM and IT » Blog Archive » Update on CREAMaid Says:

    […] Creamy CREAMaid! […]

  2. Bob Says:

    Hi friend,
    I too, was initially excited by the potential of this new income stream. Why not right, since we’re already writing? Alas, this really put me off : google-will-ding-payperpost-and-reviewme-users/

    Anyways, just sharing.

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