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CJCM and IT’s Page Rank 4/10

Posted by CJCM on January 15th, 2007 | EMail This Post

CJCM and IT's Page Rank

I wasn’t really aware that Google had apparently updated the page ranks again. Just out of curiosity, today I checked my blog’s page rank, and I was in for a surprise and I am quite happy with the page ranking. I have been waiting quite long for my blog to be ranked by Google. Honestly I didn’t expect the ranking to be that high. I thought 2/10 would have been just fine, but I am not complaining :) So what does it mean to have a good page rank?

1. PageRank is a function of Google that measures the quality of a website on a scale of 0 to10. The theory is that high quality sites receive a higher PageRank based on visitors and traffic your site receives. (Note : Definitions of Page Rank on the Web)

2. From SEO point of view, any link from a good Page Rank web page would contribute positively to the page’s ranking of the link. In the blogging world, this means that if you make comments in a good page rank blog and provide a link to your blog, the chance of your blog receiving good page rank is also high. So, just like what I normally do, please do not hesitate to comment on my blog :) after all, it’s good to practice to comment in the blog postings to encourage interactions. If you comments on other blogs, the chances are people also comments on your blog so the benefits are both ways. In addition, I also have a link exchange page if you like to exchange link with my site.

3. I participate in PayPerPost or other similar programs. Now that my blog has got a quite high page rank, I can participate in more campaigns especially in the ones that specifically mentioned a page rank requirement. For example a campaign some times specifies that a blog must have a page rank of 3/10 (or whatever page rank) to participate in the pay per post campaign. So I now have better opportunity to make more money :) speaking of which, I just received my first payment from PayPerPost for one of the campaign that I have participated before.

4. Other opportunity to earn from advertising also opens up better. Text link advertising for example, provides better link value if your blogs have good page ranks. I currently do not have any text link advertising on my site but I hope to venture into that later.

I look forward to improving the page rank further in the future. In the mean time, if you just got an updated page rank by Google, I wish your blog’s page rank is as good as mine if not better.

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  1. aad_lfcfn Says:

    checked mine. updated from pr0 to pr4. (so happy already)

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