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    Archive for February, 2007

    Update on SlashMySearch

    Posted by CJCM on 25th February 2007

    My unrealized income from SlashMySearchI blogged about earning some extra money using a search engine SlashMySearch before in this blog. Subsequently, the same post made it to Darren Rowse’s Speed Linking Reader Edition. Here are some updates about my account since I joined SlashMySearch program 13th Feb 2007.

    I had 11 affiliates signed up under Level 1. I had 5 affiliates signed up under my level 1 affiliates. My total earning so far is US$2.84603 and I am not using it as heavy as I should have. What do you think? OK, I agree its not big amount, yet…. but for a new program, it pays not bad at all I must say. Of course I still have to wait until I reach minimum amount for my first payment but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope SlashMySearch will walk their talk and pay all affiliates as promised. Have you joined? How is your earning so far? Please share with me your experience using SlashMySearch. If you haven’t joined, please click here to be part of the community that earn money using a search engine. Good luck!

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    Wendy Piersall and Steve Olson are having so much fun they are paying bloggers….

    Posted by CJCM on 21st February 2007

    Wendy Piersall vs Steve OlsonMy friend Wendy Piersall who blogs at eMoms at Home is having a lot of fun and in the way is getting a little bit ’silly’ with her Steve Olson vs Wendy Piersall MyBlogLog Community Building Challenge. I say ’silly’ because you normally enter into a community building competition hoping to be a winner by driving the crowd to join your own community but in this case it is just the opposite. Now if that’s not ’silly’ I dont know what is :)

    And boys… and girls…. the two bloggers really take the matter to help their opponent getting more community members so seriously that two are now entering new chapter of the challenge by employing ‘dirty tactics’ to get more people to join their opponent’s MyBlogLog community… now how much more silly that can be? Yup…. it involves some kind of ‘bribery’. I got to know that both challengers are now paying their friends to help blog about the competition and drive more traffic to each others community.

    Silly it may sound, the real beneficiary to this positively crazy challenge is an organization called Kiva.org. It’s an organization that provide microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries to get them out of the poverty.

    So in the name of friendship and fun, I am asking all of you to help Wendy Piersall in her quest to win this game by joining Steve Olson’s MyBlogLog community.

    And Wendy, for the benefit of those entrepreneurs in developing countries, please help to pledge whatever amount you had intended to ‘bribe’…. err pay me for blogging about this to Kiva.org….. those people deserve more. Who ever the winner and loser of this interesting challenge, both of you are winners, IMHO. Steve Olson, here I come! Happy blogging!

    I joined Steve Olson's MyBlogLog community for Kiva.org

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    Carnival of Cities at Home Turf Media

    Posted by CJCM on 19th February 2007

    Home Turf Media, the bog network that hosts Kuala Lumpur is Home where I am the host, is having a Carnival of Cities. I had submitted the story of two Malaysian bloggers who were sued for defamation by Malaysian-government-controlled newspaper News Straits Times.

    Other submissions from other cities around the worlds are :

    Cities in the Americas

    IntrovertGirl from Introversion takes a crummy, cold, windy Canadian day and makes it all cozy when she explores bookstores and coffee shops in literary Toronto. Are you a mocha and words lover? Read her post to find the best of both in Canada’s largest city.

    Jennifer Miner writes for Suite 101 about Luxury & Resort travel, but she says that “luxury is more a state of mind than how much you spend.” Here are her ideas for some weekend relaxation with the best brunches in New York City. Breakfast or lunch — why choose? Have both!

    Andrea Dickson on Wise Bread interviews San Jose, California seamstress sui generis/designer Amy Doan, aka Shrinkle, about the ins-and-outs of designing and selling her clothing line.

    Local Girl takes her young daughter to the beach for the day. No big deal, except this is the Ko Olina Beach in Oahu, Hawaii because, well, she lives An Island Life. Kinda routine.

    Brad and his bits of brain (some bits are still under construction) are tracking the progress of a North Bank condo tower in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Join him for some urban renewal.

    Kathy Maister at Start Cooking takes us on a mouth-watering tour of the Boston, Massachusetts Copley Square Farmer’s Market. Aren’t you inspired to cook up some fresh veggies after that?

    American football fans in sunny San Diego, California are abuzz that Marty Schottenheimer was fired from his job as San Diego Chargers head coach. Carole Lane blogs all about it on the The San Diego Beat.

    For Alli Crumley, Chattanooga is home. It may not be on the American Institute of Architects top list of architectural favorites, but the Walnut Street Bridge over the city’s Tennessee River holds a special place in her heart.

    Cities in Asia, Australia and New Zealand

    For local color from Oz, enjoy over one hundred photos from when Brisbane is Home’s David Jackmanson photoblogged Australia Day at Brisbane’s Southbank. I particularly liked the Redland Shire Ladies Drum Corps.

    Rajesh P.I. of Open Windows writes that in Kerala, India, the city of Kochi needs a Pied Piper to lead certain obnoxious critters far from town.

    Wes says I Love Brisbane, and he has some great pictures and thoughts on the famed Story Bridge that links the city’s north and south sides.

    Kiwi Liz Lewis from Travel New Zealand cuts to the chase of the top 8 things to do when visiting Christchurch. I vote for the Avon River punting.

    L.R. Newberry, The Traveling Mum, found a different view out of every ninth-story window of the pagoda in Nanning, China.

    Che Jaafar Che Man (a.k.a CJCM) from his home in Kuala Lumpur has some media news: Malaysian bloggers were sued for defamation by the pro-government newspaper New Straits Times. Will this have a chilling effect on blogosphere dissent?

    Andrew Bartlett, a Democrat Senator from Queensland, has been blogging in his Bartlett Diaries since 2004. He shares some poignant thoughts about Oriel Park, a favorite childhood hangout that he visited with his own daughter.

    Ruth from Let’s Visit Asia recommends that you kick back in Thailand and enjoy the Rib Room and Bar at the Landmark Bangkok. I’ll take my steak medium rare, thanks.

    David says let’s take over in Brisbane, Australia. He follows local antiwar political activists at a rally where the brother of “Jihad Jack” Thomas talks about “how Pakistan tortured my brother” and discusses Jack’s arrest and incarceration after September 11th.

    Cities in Europe

    Did you know that there are mountains in London? East London Life’s Jon Tillman tells us the interesting history of the “Beckton Alps” , a part of the East End that isn’t quite as redeveloped as Canary Wharf or the ExCeL conference and exhibition center.

    Seafarer at Family Travel writes about visiting Pisa and Florence with kids, but the tips are good for any traveler to these beautiful Italian cities.

    I hope you enjoy reading about what is going on in the cities around the world.

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    Review My Post by PayPerPost

    Posted by CJCM on 17th February 2007

    PayPerPost has come up with another innovative way to allow bloggers to earn money from their blogs. If you don’t like to earn money by writing sponsored posts on your blog then Review My Post, which is an innovative affiliate referral program created by PayPerPost, is definitely for you.

    Review My PostSo how does Review My Post work? Well it is very much straight forward. As the name of the program implies, Review My Post is the program that pays you for writing a review (in your blog of course) of the post where you see the badge shown here. Isn’t that a nice and simple way to monetize your blog? If you like to try this new exciting program from PayPerPost, you can do it right here. At the bottom of this post, you see the same badge you see here. Go on and click the badge and participate right away. All you have to do is to write a review of this post … yes…, my post that you are reading right now… and you can earn some money from it. Do let me know if you enjoy getting the money for such an easy and enjoyable task.

    If you are an advertiser, you can reach more audience through this program by promoting your product or services on blogs that participate in PayPerPost program. If you regularly advertise on blogs, PayPerPost is definitely the right place for you to reach more prospective clients. Good luck!

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    I made it to Darren Rowse’s Speedlinking Reader Submission

    Posted by CJCM on 17th February 2007

    Darren RowseDarren Rowse of ProBlogger had some trouble for this week’s Speedlinking project. He had lost some emails with links in it that were meant to be part of his Speedlinking entries. So he quickly setup a project to ask his readers to submit some links he could use for his Speedlinking post, but it was extremely tight in terms of deadline, about 9 hours away when I found out about it in the private forum of Home Turf Media, a network of city-based bloggers, where I am the host of Kuala Lumpur is Home. Thanks to David of Brisbane is Home for the tip-off, I immediately submit an entry about earning money through using a search engine which I already posted a few days back in my blog here.

    I didn’t really have high hope knowing Darren’s high standard so I wasn’t really expecting any miracle from it. However my hope went slightly up last night when I saw Darren’s face in my MyBlogLog widget, I knew Darren was checking on my post so I waited eagerly this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my submission was included in ProBlogger’s Speedlinking Reader Submission this week 17th Feb 2007. Thank you Darren for including me in your project. I have always enjoyed participating in ProBlogger’s project especially the Group Writing Project where I have participated twice. You can check it out here and here.

    In the mean time, this is the list of readers-submitted entries that had made it to ProBlogger’s Speedlinking this week. Enjoy!

    1. 4 Tips on Smarter Archive Use
    2. Media Giant Takes Note from Christian
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    5. Last week in China - An Open Letter to Google via Rick
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    11. CPC, CPM or flat rate, which is best?
    12. Advice on Writing Blogs: What has helped me
    13. The Venture Skills Blog is your linkbait not working? try writing instead
    14. bla.st - the free visual directory, is offering a free card upgrade simply by linking to, or blogging about bla.st
    15. Linked in Widget
    16. Review Me, Review You: The Rolling Blogroll Has Launched
    17. Blogging Strategy: Goals
    18. 3 simple questions that will help you blog your city, like I do for Brisbane
    19. Five Basic Lessons in Blog Advertising
    20. Earn extra money doing what you do everyday… using a search engine
    21. Are You Burning Blog Bridges?
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    35. Master the Art and Science of Buzz Marketing
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    37. Carnival of Home Business
    38. How to Get a Free Link from ProBlogger
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    41. Scraper Sites Steal Your Content. Use them to Build Your Traffic
    42. BlixKrieg Theme - AdSense ready template via susiej
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    44. Find elements to reduce boredom due to blogging
    45. Google Plans AdWords Algorithm Change; Expects Complaints via Matt
    46. Google Adsense: Less is More? via nickel
    47. 1 Quick Tip to Get More ReviewMe Reviews

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    Earn extra money doing what you do everyday… using a search engine.

    Posted by CJCM on 13th February 2007

    SlashMySearch, get paid for using search engineI found out about this fantastic program offered by SlashMySearch.com which is basically another search engine. However it’s not just another everyday search engine. Unlike other search engines, SlashMySearch is a search engine that pays the users, which is very interesting indeed. All you have to do is register as member with the search engine and you are given a member Id which is also qualifies to be their affiliate as well. Then you set your browser’s default home page to the URL address that has your member ID embedded. Now everytime you start your browser, SlashMySearch homepage will be defaulted for you automatically and you use it just like you use other search engine as default. That’s it. Everytime you search, you get some earning credited to your account.

    Now if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is. And to make it even more cooling, you can now start referring unlimited number of people for up to two levels deep and earn some percentage on their earnings as well. I just signed up about 2 hours ago and start doing a few searches to see if returns comparable results to Google or Yahoo and it sure did.

    My earning after just seven clicksUpon logging to my account, I noticed that I have been credited with USD0.15625 for just seven clicks. Imagine how many searches we every do month? Better than Adsense? You decide. The nicest thought about this program is that even if it ended paying you a few dollars after one month, it is still better than Google, Yahoo or other search engine which pays nothing. That’s what I call cool extra money.

    SlashMySearch affiliate earning potential

    If you are wondering how much extra money can this program potentially bring to you, take a look at the chart on your right here. That’s how much you can potentially make. Of course it depends how often you use SlashMySearch search engine and how many people you refer to them.

    All in all, I highly recommend this affiliate program as you have nothing to loose and everything to gain. One more thing to note though, your first payment will only be paid, either by check PayPal or eGold, after two months because obviously SlashMySearch needs to wait for that money to come from advertisers, which is fair.

    If you like to try this program, please click on any of the images or click here (yes… of course its an affiliate link there) and I hope you have fun using the new search engine and earn some extra cash while you are at it. Don’t forget to share it with others (using your affiliate link of course) and let them earn something extra too.

    One thing I really don’t like though are the affiliate banners for promoting the program. It’s just too huge, but that’s another story.

    Happy searching!!

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    Submit your site to Links Portfolio web directory

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd February 2007

    Links Portfolio web directoryWeb directory submission is one of the SEO tools that is avaialble to webmasters to increase their sites visibility to search engines and improve your site ranking. I run a web directory Links Portfolio and have announced a special promotional offer before where the regular listing are available for free for the first 200 sites submitted. Now the offer had expired as the target of having 200 sites had been achieved.

    I just launched another promotional offer at Links Portfolio. Submissions under Featured Listing and Regular Listing are now running at 50% discount. This promotional offer is also limited to next 300 submissions, that is the total number of Active Links is 500. Regular Listing with reciprocal link remains free of charge.

    So don’t miss opportunity to submit your site to Links Portfolio, a search engine friendly human-edited web directory with wide array of categories. Links Portfolio currently is having PR2 by Google so it should give your sites some quality backlinks for future Google ranking of your websites.

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    Microsoft using AirAsia to push Vista?

    Posted by CJCM on 2nd February 2007

    Gadget for tracking Air Asia deal, but your PC must have Vista... what a bummerMalaysia’ leading low cost carrier AirAsia today announced the availability of a software tool called ‘Gadget’ that allows its customers to track AirAsia deals from the desktop without firing up the browser.

    Gadget will enable frequent AirAsia fliers to stay abreast of the airline’s promotions and offers without the bother of having to point their browsers to the airline’s website and monitoring it manually,” said AirAsia vice-president Kathleen Tan.

    But there is a catch. Your PC must have Microsoft Vista to run AirAsia Gadget. Tony Fernandez must be kidding or he had not been approriately advised by the IT executives of AirAsia. I believe majority of AirAsia customers are normal folks whose PCs are running Windows XP at most, if not lesser version of Windows. In fact many of them still buy AirAsia tickets from the AirAsia counters. I also believe there are not many corporate jet setters fly AirAsia either due to its low cost carrier image and unreliable schedule so I doubt very much if Tony Fernandez are targeting the software for the corporate clients, which would have better chances of having Vista installed in their offices. Even then, majority of corporate PCs are running older versions of Microsoft operating systems such as XP.

    What am I trying to say is there are just not enough numbers of Microsoft Vista users that could make use of AirAsia’a latest software… unless of course Tony had been convinced by Gates that there are enough Windows Vista users in the countries AirAsia is operating and majority of them are already AirAsia customers.

    If I were Tony Fernandez, I’d say thank you to Bill Gates and would ask my IT team to write a software that runs on more down to earth operating system such Microsoft XP and Linux… which are more common even in the business organizations. Good luck to Air Asia and Tony Fernandez on the new software.

    Read [Star Online]

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