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Microsoft using AirAsia to push Vista?

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Gadget for tracking Air Asia deal, but your PC must have Vista... what a bummerMalaysia’ leading low cost carrier AirAsia today announced the availability of a software tool called ‘Gadget’ that allows its customers to track AirAsia deals from the desktop without firing up the browser.

Gadget will enable frequent AirAsia fliers to stay abreast of the airline’s promotions and offers without the bother of having to point their browsers to the airline’s website and monitoring it manually,” said AirAsia vice-president Kathleen Tan.

But there is a catch. Your PC must have Microsoft Vista to run AirAsia Gadget. Tony Fernandez must be kidding or he had not been approriately advised by the IT executives of AirAsia. I believe majority of AirAsia customers are normal folks whose PCs are running Windows XP at most, if not lesser version of Windows. In fact many of them still buy AirAsia tickets from the AirAsia counters. I also believe there are not many corporate jet setters fly AirAsia either due to its low cost carrier image and unreliable schedule so I doubt very much if Tony Fernandez are targeting the software for the corporate clients, which would have better chances of having Vista installed in their offices. Even then, majority of corporate PCs are running older versions of Microsoft operating systems such as XP.

What am I trying to say is there are just not enough numbers of Microsoft Vista users that could make use of AirAsia’a latest software… unless of course Tony had been convinced by Gates that there are enough Windows Vista users in the countries AirAsia is operating and majority of them are already AirAsia customers.

If I were Tony Fernandez, I’d say thank you to Bill Gates and would ask my IT team to write a software that runs on more down to earth operating system such Microsoft XP and Linux… which are more common even in the business organizations. Good luck to Air Asia and Tony Fernandez on the new software.

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