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    I made it to Darren Rowse’s Speedlinking Reader Submission

    Posted by CJCM on February 17th, 2007 | EMail This Post

    Darren RowseDarren Rowse of ProBlogger had some trouble for this week’s Speedlinking project. He had lost some emails with links in it that were meant to be part of his Speedlinking entries. So he quickly setup a project to ask his readers to submit some links he could use for his Speedlinking post, but it was extremely tight in terms of deadline, about 9 hours away when I found out about it in the private forum of Home Turf Media, a network of city-based bloggers, where I am the host of Kuala Lumpur is Home. Thanks to David of Brisbane is Home for the tip-off, I immediately submit an entry about earning money through using a search engine which I already posted a few days back in my blog here.

    I didn’t really have high hope knowing Darren’s high standard so I wasn’t really expecting any miracle from it. However my hope went slightly up last night when I saw Darren’s face in my MyBlogLog widget, I knew Darren was checking on my post so I waited eagerly this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my submission was included in ProBlogger’s Speedlinking Reader Submission this week 17th Feb 2007. Thank you Darren for including me in your project. I have always enjoyed participating in ProBlogger’s project especially the Group Writing Project where I have participated twice. You can check it out here and here.

    In the mean time, this is the list of readers-submitted entries that had made it to ProBlogger’s Speedlinking this week. Enjoy!

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    3 Responses to “I made it to Darren Rowse’s Speedlinking Reader Submission”

    1. Maki Says:

      Great job. I was also one of the fortunate ones. :)

    2. David Wilkinson Says:

      There’s a post slagging me off in there. “12 year old ProBlogger? hardly.”

      Heh… That was after my post for ProBlogger.net: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/02/13/how-to-drive-traffic-to-your-blog-the-advice-of-a-12-year-old/

      How’s life treating you CJ? Long time, no speak I guess. ;) Drop me an e-mail so we can talk more.

    3. CJCM Says:

      Thanks for dropping by here. Hope to see you more often.

      Hey great to see you here too. Yeahh long time no see. Life is normal over here. I saw you are a new star 12-year old problogger now…. WOW.. congratulation. You have great future ahead.. dont let it go!

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