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    Archive for June, 2007

    Agloco Viewbar has arrived

    Posted by CJCM on 27th June 2007

    I first blogged about Agloco way back in December 2006. At that time, Agloco just existed in name. Nothing more, nothing less. The business concept of Agloco is simple though. Join Agloco as member, download the Agloco Viewbar and surf internet as normal. You can also refer someone to join Agloco and will be appropriately rewarded for that. Agloco however a step further in terms of its business operating principle. The company is owned by you… at least what is claimed by the founders of Agloco… by virtue that you can either get paid by cash or by share, if you prefer.

    That was just a story then and many people viewed Agloco as just another scam. And I believe until today many people still believe so. I rather take a different approach and joined Agloco and wait to see what had happened.

    Recently, Agloco had sent emails informing all its members that had registered during pre-launch about the much awaited Viewbar which is ready for download. I tried to download once but the traffic was so heavy that it was just not possible to download so I backoff for a while and today I managed to download and install the Viewbar.

    After installation, you will signon to Agloco and the Viewbar will be sitting very unobstructively at the bottom of your screen above your Window bar. Thats where the text advertisements will be served and displayed.

    Well, I haven’t seen real money yet, but the Viewbar is really conveniently located and does not bother me at all. So let’s see if I can really own the internet as claimed by Agloco… and make some extra cash. You can also own the internet if you wish… :)

    Read more about Agloco here

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    AirAsia to offer in-flight mobile communication services

    Posted by CJCM on 24th June 2007

    AirAsia maybe just a low cost carrier, but it will be the first in Asia to offer in-flight mobile communication services to its passengers.

    The service will be deployed across AirAsia’s entire fleet beginning early 2009, following a signing of a memorandum of understanding recently between it and mobile service provider OnAir at the Paris Air Show.

    “Users of the service will also be able to send e-mail via their Blackberry devices or smartphones during flights,” said the spokesman.

    Now, everyone with mobile devices can communicate with AirAsia… well done Tony. But please make sure your airplanes reach the destinations on time.. will you?

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    Read [Star Online]

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    Blog about Bid4LinksPortfolio.com and get rewarded

    Posted by CJCM on 14th June 2007

    I have just launched a promotional offer for bloggers to get their blogs listed at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com. Checkout the details here. Don’t forget to tell your friends as well. The offer will expire on 30th June 2007.. so hurry up before its too late.

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    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com to drive traffic to your site

    Posted by CJCM on 13th June 2007

    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directoryI have just launched a new web directory, Bid4ListingPortfolio.com which is based on the increasingly popular trend of bidding for top stpos in a web directory.

    It’s pretty simple in concept where your site will be displayed at the top of the list if you dare to bid for the highest spot in the directory. How much does it cost to be at the top? You decide…. of course it depends on how much the current bidder isholding for the top spot and how much you are willing to spend on advertising for your site. If you are not so crazy about being at the top, then you can just bid for a position at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com for a minium of USD1.00 for link building of your website which would eventually contribute to the ranking of your site.

    Once your bid is accepted, Bid4LinksPortfolio.com will display your site’s link showing the number of backlinks from Google, Yahoo and Technorati as well as the number of pages as indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also displays the PR of your site… all are visible from the main page for the top 10 successful bidders.

    Powered by phpLinkBid, I hope you like Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directory which I have spent almost two days setting up and tweaking the template to make quite unique in terms of the layout although I wish I can be more creative in terms of colours. Give me some more time, I will try to improve whenever I have time…. do letme know your opinions and suggestion.

    I am also thinking of developing the template further and make it available for download but that will take some times if it ever happens.. :)

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