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    Mobile phone offers mania continues

    Posted by CJCM on July 28th, 2007 | EMail This Post

    Mobile telecommunications must be one of the most revenue generating industry in the world in this fast moving world. Mobile phones that used to be affordable mostly by the working class are now carried even by primary school kids, and the models they show off to their friends can sometimes make my mobile phone Sony Ericsson K750i looks so obselete.

    Mobile phone offers these days are mind blowing to say the least. Back in Malaysia, you could get free phones just for buying certain products using your credit card, pushing further the growth of mobile phone ownerships and possibly adding more statistics to credit card bankruptcy statitics as well.

    With so many offers of cheap phones by the mobile phone vendors, selecting your preferred mobile phone can be a nightmare in itself. If you have school- or college-going children, you definitely have qualified consultants to seek advice on which mobile phone you are going to buy in the near future.

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