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    Archive for September, 2007

    Say cheese with Sony’s latest digital cameras

    Posted by CJCM on 16th September 2007

    Sony Cybershot DSC T200

    If you don’t smile, it won’t capture. As simple as that. Sony’s latest Cybershot DSC T200 and DSC T70 employ face detection technology that won’t snap high-definition pictures until a selected subject smiles.

    “Using the smile recognition shutter function selected by the touch panel, you can pick which of up to eight people is the key smile,” said Akira Tokuse who works in Sony product development.

    Cool or not? I guess it depends who you talked to. You dare to bet that these cameras will not capture any picture of Mr Bean?

    Source [CNET] [Product Page]

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    World’s smallest robot unveiled

    Posted by CJCM on 5th September 2007

    World’s smallest robot made in TaiwanIt is only 15cm tall, controlled by infrared and battery operated. The world’s smallest robot is made in Taiwan by GeStream Technology Inc and will be showcased at the 8th International Strategic Partnership & Business Networking Trade Fair for SMEs (Global SMEs 2007) to be held at Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre KL, from Sept 6 to 8. This cute robot can be yours for around RM650 to RM700 making it the cheapest so far.

    With 16 degrees of freedom, which translates to 65536 motions, the Taiwanese humanoid robot is the smallest, lightest and the cheapest in the world.

    “This new version is suitable for robot games and it is easy for the owner to download and update the newest robot motions or movements,” he said, adding that it was also easy to assemble and disassemble the battery-operated robot.

    “Because the robot is sold in pieces, the owner will need to programme and learn to build his own robot. He can also add in any motion he wants to the robot,” said Chang.

    Source: Star Online

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