Jul 08

Philippe Starck designs personal energy wind tunnel for households

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Personal energy wind tunnel designed by Philippe Starck

This cool looking personal wind tunnel could well be the gadget every household would have in the future. The wind tunnel is the work of a well known designer Philippe Starck, who had come out of retirement just to design this potentially cost saving device for all human kinds.

This device generates cheap energy at low costThe designer claimed this simple-looking UDSD $633 gadget is able to crank out 20-60% of the power needed in a house… now go figure out which appliances in your house that can be powered by this small turbine.

Available in either stainless steel, signal orange or crazy transparent style, the new electricity generators will be shipping to everyone in September. I hope it wont take long for the energy generator to arrive in Malaysia.

Source: DVICE via Coolest Gadget

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