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    Cheques everywhere at Cheques Gallery

    Posted by CJCM on 7th March 2007

    Lots of cheques at Cheques Gallery

    Believe it or not, there are people who are making real money online… and there a lot of these internet marketers and bloggers who laughing all the way to their banks…. cashing in their cheques. And if there is one place online to see all these cheques …. it has to be Cheques Gallery. I got to know about this interesting site while reading about $700,000 Adsense Check over at romantika.name, one of the blog that I read every now and then.

    You should pay a visit to Cheque Gallery, read how much internet marketers and bloggers are making online and hopefuly be inspired by them. Cheques Gallery is barely two months old but looking at the comments posted, it already has garnered a streams of followers and loyal readers. Don’t be surprised if Cheques Gallery would one day be featuring it’s own cheque. Cheques Gallery is written by … who else but Mr Cheque. Have fun :)

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    Click Flipping, Life After Adsense

    Posted by CJCM on 21st September 2006

    So Scott finally released his second part of his e-book that discussed about The Death of Adsense.

    I just downloaded the e-book. If you havent, click here to get it while it is still hot :)
    According to Scott, Smart Pricing Killed Adsense. Period. So he came up with his own device called Click Flipping as an alternative to Adsense.

    How does it works? Let Scott reveals it in his second chapter Life After Adsense.

    Good luck to you…in the mean time I have to go back to Scott’s e-book to understand what the heck is this Click Flipping


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    The Death of Adsense, Part 2

    Posted by CJCM on 20th September 2006

    I got an email from Scott Boulch, the author of The Death Of Adsense e-book. Here are some of that he wrote in the email:

    At the time of this writing we have had over 20,500 people download “The Death Of AdSense”.

    We even hit # 424 on Alexa’s list of the top 100,000 most popular sites last week!

    I’m doing the final editing on the second part today and getting ready to
    open up the doors on part II!

    If you havent downloaded the e-book, click here to get it now.

    Tomorrow Scott will be releasing the second part of the e-book. So check it out tomorrow to get your second part of the e-book free and find out for yourselves if Adsense is really dead.

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