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    eBay Explained 2006 - A Post Conference Thought

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd December 2006

    In one of my previous posts I had shared with you my experience attending the online auction conference organized by eBay at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.

    Ever since, I have always had some thought and ambition that one day I will be able to start something with eBay online auction. However, until now, I still do not have a clear plan on how to proceed. The main stumbling block is to actually decide what product I am going to sell on eBay. I actually did come up with a couple of possible products but after thinking through it, I am back to drawing board. Like I said, I would not want to jump into the boat blindly without proper planning and clear business plan as this online eBay business is not as straight forward. There are a lot of things to think through before getting my feet wet in the business.

    In the course of evaluating eBay, I came across a couple of interesting findings about eBay.

    The first one is that you can actually customise the way your eBay web pages look like. The options available are quite interesting. Of course you can hire a full fledge web graphic designer to customize your eBay site but that would actually cost you some money, not to mention the it itakes to discuss your requirements and translate them into webpage design.

    Another option is to utilize a ready made template. If you dont mind to spend some money on a ready made template, you could get your site up and running in no time with quite an exclusive auction page. However there is yet another option for you to consider, and that is to make use of free auction templates, which are abundant in the world wide web.

    I think as a start, it makes sense to experiment with free auction templates first to get things moving in the right direction, and then decide whether to stick with free auction templates or to spend some money on paid auction templates. Only you can make that decision based on your experience experimenting with the free auction tamplates.

    The second thing I like to share is about the scam at eBaY. While majority of Internet Marketers on eBay earn money through legitimate online auction business practice, there is always a black sheep in the business. The case of misleading customer on eBay, such as described in my previous posting about PS3 email being sold on eBay under the pretext of selling a PS3 game machine is quite worrying. In any case, I would suggest you stay away from the seller site and keep looking for you other option on eBay.

    I should also mention that I have received numerous emails from supposedly eBay buyers telling me that they have not received the item the had purchased from me while in fact I hadn’t even list anything for sale on eBay yet.

    So despite all the good and bright prospects presented by eBay online auction business model, you still have to be alert and not fall into the scam.

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    PS3 Email for Sale at eBay - Looks Like a Scam to Me

    Posted by CJCM on 25th November 2006

    PS3 email for sale at eBay

    If not a scam, then it is clearly an attempt to deceive eBay buyers.

    The screen shot shows like the seller is selling PS3 for USD455 (at the time of this posting). But scroll down the description page, and you will see “note: you are not bidding on an actual ps3, you’re only bidding on an e-mail address (ps3wantonenow@gmail.com), winning bidder will receive password”.

    PS3 email for sale at eBay

    I am not sure if eBay is aware of this. This is totally unacceptable as the ads is very deceiving. I wouldn’t buy anything from this cunning eBay seller. But if you still want to buy, what the heck… click here.

    Source and similar story [Forever Geek]

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    eBay Explained 2006

    Posted by CJCM on 12th November 2006

    I managed to get the confirmation email for the eBay Explained 2006 seminar which was held today at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, so I was able to attend and get first hand information about ebay.

    The seminar was really an eye opener…at least for me. Even though I have heard and read of many succesfull eBay sellers, the seminar actually gives me first hand information from the people behind the highly succesful online auction site itself…and I tell you it was worth the time I had spent there…3.00pm until 6.30pm… it was extended untill 7.00pm. And there were a lot of crowds too.

    eBay logoI think I now have a clearer idea of what eBay really is and the potential for me…and you too of course…to make money by selling at eBay….either using their auction features or normal online selling fetures. I must say, one of my next internet projects might well be selling on eBay but this requires some planning an research so it will not take off so soon.

    cjcm-colbert-lcfAnd guess who else from the blogosphere attended the seminar? I had expected to see Colbert but I didnt know LiewCF was coming too…so we had some moments for short photo- sesion. Ohh…by the way did you notice our heights? Actually I am not that short…just that Colbert was wearing high-heel and LiewCF’s was even higher…LOL :)

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