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    Cheques everywhere at Cheques Gallery

    Posted by CJCM on 7th March 2007

    Lots of cheques at Cheques Gallery

    Believe it or not, there are people who are making real money online… and there a lot of these internet marketers and bloggers who laughing all the way to their banks…. cashing in their cheques. And if there is one place online to see all these cheques …. it has to be Cheques Gallery. I got to know about this interesting site while reading about $700,000 Adsense Check over at romantika.name, one of the blog that I read every now and then.

    You should pay a visit to Cheque Gallery, read how much internet marketers and bloggers are making online and hopefuly be inspired by them. Cheques Gallery is barely two months old but looking at the comments posted, it already has garnered a streams of followers and loyal readers. Don’t be surprised if Cheques Gallery would one day be featuring it’s own cheque. Cheques Gallery is written by … who else but Mr Cheque. Have fun :)

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    Wendy Piersall and Steve Olson are having so much fun they are paying bloggers….

    Posted by CJCM on 21st February 2007

    Wendy Piersall vs Steve OlsonMy friend Wendy Piersall who blogs at eMoms at Home is having a lot of fun and in the way is getting a little bit ’silly’ with her Steve Olson vs Wendy Piersall MyBlogLog Community Building Challenge. I say ’silly’ because you normally enter into a community building competition hoping to be a winner by driving the crowd to join your own community but in this case it is just the opposite. Now if that’s not ’silly’ I dont know what is :)

    And boys… and girls…. the two bloggers really take the matter to help their opponent getting more community members so seriously that two are now entering new chapter of the challenge by employing ‘dirty tactics’ to get more people to join their opponent’s MyBlogLog community… now how much more silly that can be? Yup…. it involves some kind of ‘bribery’. I got to know that both challengers are now paying their friends to help blog about the competition and drive more traffic to each others community.

    Silly it may sound, the real beneficiary to this positively crazy challenge is an organization called Kiva.org. It’s an organization that provide microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries to get them out of the poverty.

    So in the name of friendship and fun, I am asking all of you to help Wendy Piersall in her quest to win this game by joining Steve Olson’s MyBlogLog community.

    And Wendy, for the benefit of those entrepreneurs in developing countries, please help to pledge whatever amount you had intended to ‘bribe’…. err pay me for blogging about this to Kiva.org….. those people deserve more. Who ever the winner and loser of this interesting challenge, both of you are winners, IMHO. Steve Olson, here I come! Happy blogging!

    I joined Steve Olson's MyBlogLog community for Kiva.org

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    Blog-em Up: Web Directory and Traffic The Fun Way

    Posted by CJCM on 9th January 2007

    Blog-em Up

    Hey guys, have you heard of Blog-em Up before? If you haven’t, let me tell you a little bit about it here. Blog-em Up is another type of web directory service, quite a unique one at that. What you do is that you buy the top spot for USD10 and get to display your site there. All you have to do is just blog about the site in your blog.

    The next person then buys the top spot for USD9 which is USD1 cheaper, but you have to do more work by blogging about the site and the previous site in the top spot which by now would have moved down to second spot.

    So that’s how the cycle works. The next site always pay USD1 less but the owner has to blog about 1 additional site more than previous site owner. Simple isn’t it? And it’s fun too. You get the traffic as well as the permanent link. And the best thing for now is that the first 50 sites signed up wil be FREE. Good luck and enjoy!!

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    Hot News: Screamyx, The Latest Broadband Service by TMNet.

    Posted by CJCM on 17th December 2006

    I am so sick with my Streamyx connection for the last few weeks. Every time I am on the internet, for reasons known only to TMNet, the Streamyx line have been disconnecting itself so frequent, I feel like screaming. Is this a new service or what? If it is new service, I wrote the following press launch article which I hope TMNet would consider using in their press release about the new service… tell me what do you think folks.

    Screamyx, a new breadband service by TMnetTMNet, one of the monopolistic corporate citizens in Malaysia, proudly launched its new service called Screamyx. As the successor of TMNet’s highly popular Streamyx breadband service, Screamyx is set to take the Malaysian market by the storm. According to TMNet’s Chief Joker Officer (CJO), TMNet decided to introduce this new service after receiving a lot of feedbacks from the customers about its Streamyx product. According to TMNet CJO, a lot of customers had indicated that while they like our Streamyx due to its low speed and poor customer service, the product offering should be upgraded, in line with Malaysian Government ambitious plan to make more people access internet through broadband. As a result of this, the Marketing Team at TMNet with collaboration with its resellers, have been working hard around the clock, setting up tents everywhere such at the shopping malls, the road sides, even pasar borong also, to push the breadband service. Meanwhile, the Technical and Customer Service Team, have been very busy attending to the ever increasing customers seeking supports for even basic things such as …frequent interruptions, disconnected services, mis-billing and what not. The Management at TMNet, however, is laughing all the way to the bank because, no matter what… customers still have to pay the monthly subsCRAPtion fee for subscribing to the service. “With such features offered, we believe our new Screamyx breadband will be the talk of the town. There is no servicve provider in the world who can offer such a service to the public yet… we are the pioneer.” the CJO is quoted as saying.

    p/s: This post was successfully updated after my line was disconnected twice.. within 30 minutes.. SCREAMYX rocks

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    CJCM is 130765th Awesome Blogger!!!

    Posted by CJCM on 10th December 2006

    CJCM is 130765th Awesome Blogger
    Isn’t it cool to have a certificate to certify how awesome are you? I paid USD 5.00 for this certificate. But I also get the following extras:

    Your custom really awesome page!
    Any personal image you want to upload! (photos, logos, etc…)
    Any link out to any website you want! (your MySpace page, your blog, etc…)
    Guaranteed 2-years of really awesome goodness! (that’s a whole lot of awesome-ness for $5 buckaroos)
    Edit details anytime you want! (change your design every day!)

    And there will only be 1 milliom Awesome Whatever….. ever. And I had chosen to be 130765th Awesome Blogger. Yes.. you can choose any number as long as it is not taken.

    I really like this idea because it is an interesting form of internet marketing for your website, generate good traffic and you can also earn some cash promoting it as well. What more you want to ask for USD 5.00?

    Hey you too can claim your Awesome number just by clicking on the widget below.. Good luck.

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    Creamy CREAMaid!

    Posted by CJCM on 9th December 2006

    CREAMYaid As usual, I just went over to LiewCF.com to check out what is he up to, and it was interesting to know another Malaysian had turned ProBlogger. Very cool. I quickly checked MENJ blog. The first page I landed at talked about CREAMYaid. Creamy what??? Apparently, CREAMYaid is another method a blogger can make extra money blogging. This is not just another blog marketing service. After reading more about CREAMaid I became instantly interested. So I checked out further and decided to join the wagon and see what I can end up with.

    So here is what I did:

    Step 1
    At the main page of CREAMaid, I browse conversations started by Marketers who want to create campaign for their products. In this case I selected a conversation started by CREAMaid itself, to promote its unique service. The conversation is : What does CREAMaid taste like?

    Step 2
    I visited one of the existing website that already accepted by the Marketer, also known as Conversation Starter, and join the conversation there.

    Step 3
    I got a code that will create a widget. I am supposed to paste this code in my post.

    Step 4
    I created this post to talk about CREAMaid and paste the widget code in my post. You should see it there at the boottom of this post.

    Step 5
    If my post is selected and accepted by the Marketer, my post will be featured in the widget together with all other posts that have been accepted, I will earn a royalty.
    If any blogger decide to join the conversation by clicking on my site’s widget, I will earn a referral fee.

    So that’s it folks. It seems simple and it is simple. You decide which conversation you want to join, create a post about it, get the widget code for the conversation and include it in your post and sit back.

    And how does CREAMaid taste. To tell you honestly, I dont know yet. But I get it will be CREAMY and YUMMY, especially when you start receiving all those royalties and referral fees from CREAMaid.

    So have fun with CREAMYaid. Its not hard to join. No signup, no application, no rejection due link popularity crap. Just blog the conversation. The worst thing that can happen, you joined a conversation, you write something totally not CREAMY that the marketer didn’t accept or select your post, so you receive no royalty. But you are in the game…. and its all about having CREAMaid fun blogging your way.

    Good luck.

    P/S: This conversation What does CREAMaid taste like? may not be active by the time you read this post, so make sure you join only active conversation.

    Update: I just received an email from CREAMaid that this post had been selected. Unfortunately, there is no royalty to be received. I think the conversation campaign had finished, which I didn’t check before. But I dont understand why it is still accepting participation.. maybe CREAMaid can clarify this?

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    It Has Been an Exciting Week

    Posted by CJCM on 2nd December 2006

    This week ending Friday 1st December 2006, had been very exciting for me. The weeks to come will be even more exciting and here are the reasons:

    1. I just started my new IT Project Management job at a multinational IT company in Cyberjaya. I will talk more on this in my future post, especially on the nice office environment.

    2. I just got accepted as a ProBlogger (well actually Semi-Pro.. since I am not full time Blogger)for a new blog network. Only a handful were selected for pilot project and I was lucky to be one of them. The blog is being setup and I will dwell more on this once the site is up and running. The domain name is ready but I will only let you know later when I talked about it in more detail. I love startup and this one is an exciting project. Watch out for more news on this.

    3. My blog CJCM2u had been accepted by Blog to Profit, a relatively new startup specializing in blog advertising. For trial run, I have received an order for 5 posts, so I am going to work on it this weekend.

    4. My latest blog, Sembang Gadget, the first gadget blog written in Malay language, is taking off quite nicely and steadily getting more readership. I hope this will continue for the months to come.

    There are also a few new things I want to introduce in CJCM2u.com but I will leave that one for next time.

    I am off to PIKOM’s PC Fair in Kuala Lumpur Covention Center with my kids and hopefully be able to pickup something cheap there. I will update on this later. Stay tuned and have a good weekend.

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    I am Tagged by Wendy Piersall

    Posted by CJCM on 1st December 2006

    I am completely off guard….. I just came back from work and head straight to my PC after dinner and guess what, I had an email from Wendy that says “You’ve been tagged. :)

    What the heck being tagged “mean”? I have never heard of this game before so I immediately clicked on the link in the email and when I got to eMom’s homepage…. I just burst out laughing …. Girls just want to have fun!!! And since they are having fun, I’d join them as well.

    CJCM being taggedSo here is my photo, as is. Why do I look like that? Because I have been tagged by wicked Wendy Piersall, who is probably well asleep when I am writing this post. Wendy is an eMom at Home, not alone, but with her computer who has been blogging her way to success. Recently she had achieved another great milestone in her life as she was certified as an NLP Practitioner and currently actively pursuing a carreer in NLP practice as well as keep blogging at eMomsAtHome.

    Who ever started this tagging game….. you are genius but I am not sure I want to be tagged when I am around the house with no t-shirt on… LOL LOL!!!

    Now that I can appreciate how much fun this game can be for tagged bloggers and readers, the game must continue… and I have to tag another 5 bloggers. Colbert, LiewCF, Svetlana, Alang and Delta…. I hope today is not a bad day for you, because you have been tagged. What does it mean? You have to take a picture of yours RIGHT NOW, AS IS, and post it on your blog. Then tag the next 5 ‘unlucky’ bloggers that you want to see “as is”. Then tell us WHY you look like that (in your photo), and say something about the person that ‘tagged’ you.
    Happy tagging everyone! LOL

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    Sembang Gadget - The First Gadget Blog in Malay Language

    Posted by CJCM on 28th November 2006

    Sembang Gadget - first gadget blog in malay language

    Welcome to Sembang Gadget (literally means Gadget Talks). Specially for Malaysian gadget lovers, I had just launched a new gadget blog which is written in Malay language.

    I think this is the first gadget site written in Malay and I do hope more Malaysians will be able to enjoy gadget news through my new gadget blog. Don’t forget to tell your friends by clicking Email This Post and let everyone knows about this new gadget blog.

    Comments are welcome.

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    Golfers Gadget

    Posted by CJCM on 20th November 2006

    golf gadget
    As a matter of fact, I don’t play golf… wait…golf? What is that? :)

    Anyway for those of you guys who are golf fanatics, you wouldn’t want to miss this for the world. Now you don’t have to wait until you get to the Clubhouse to be served either hot or cold drink.

    You can get it right there on the green. Your Caddy now has another responsibility to shoulder, but I am sure he wouldn’t complaint much if don’t forget to tip him more generously.. ;)

    Happy golfing!!

    Source [Blog.PCNews.Ro]

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