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    iPhone Finally Launched

    Posted by CJCM on 10th January 2007

    Apple iPhone

    This must be the most anticipated handphone ever in history. Never before a handphone is so much talked about even years before its birth. Finally iPhone stories came through at the recent MacWorld 2007. I need not talk more about it now that it is a reality, just enough to say.. I love iPhone. Apple never failed to amaze me with their inventions. But if you are in Asia you have to wait until 2008 before you can own one…. why such a long wait?

    It features a 3.5-inch touch-screen, it’s 11.6mm thin (that’s almost as thin as Type III PCMCIA), 2MP camera, proximity sensor, accelerometer, and ambient light sensors, Quad-band GSM/EDGE + WiFi + Bluetooth 2.0 and a battery life of 16 hours for audio and 5 hours for actual phone use.

    Read [Apple] via [Gadgetell]

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    My Recent Posts at Gadgetell

    Posted by CJCM on 9th January 2007

    Gadgetell logoI wrote about few new gadgets that were launched during the International Consumer Electronics Show 2007. Here are my recents posts that have been published at Gadgetell. Enjoy!

    Clarion’s new line of overhead monitor
    Memorex portable Ultra TravelDrive
    HP tx1000 consumer tablet PC
    Hitachi’s new streaming media technology

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    My Recent Posts at Gadgetell

    Posted by CJCM on 26th November 2006

    Gadgetell logo

    1. Microsoft IE7’s phishing false alarms 25th Nov 2005
    2. The Italians get new a mobile tv phone from Samsung 24th Nov 2006
    3. Wi-Fi patent legal battle between CSIRO and wireless big names 22nd Nov 2006
    4. Microsoft to Novell: you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours 21st Nov 2006

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    My Recent Posts At Gadgetell

    Posted by CJCM on 19th November 2006

    1. Flying alarm clocks
    2. Samsung SPH P9000
    3. DIY iPod Solar Charger
    4. FreeCharge Weza spare battery
    5. DJ-1800 Modile DJ Software for Mac
    6. Exploding Sony laptop batteries
    7. Sony S700 Walkman with noise cancelling technology
    8. Acer’s New Ferrari Notebooks

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    This Fying Alarm Clock is Cool

    Posted by CJCM on 16th November 2006

    Flying Alarm Clock

    I was researching for my Gadgetell post yesterday and guess what did I find? An interesting gadget that you would probably want to own but don’t want to use very often… A Flying Alarm Clock.

    Check it out at Gadgetell and you will know what I mean. Do share with us what do you think of the little monster.. :)

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    Gadgetell is Giving Away Altec Lansing iM7-iPod

    Posted by CJCM on 1st November 2006

    Altec Lansing iM7 iPod
    Gadgetell has just turned 1 year old on 9th October 2006 and they are celebrating. In addition to launching a brand new and good looking Gadgetell v2.0 website, they are also giving away an Altec Lansing iM7-iPod, the first item in their giveaway item list. It’s a nice iPod dock for your iPod but if you already have one, you still have a chance to win another just by wishing happy birthday to Gadgetell. How to join the rush? Check out Gadgetell v2 Altec Lansing iM7 iPod Give Away. Good luck!

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    My Posts at Gadgetell

    Posted by CJCM on 15th October 2006

    It has been more than one week since I started writing for Gadgetell. Here are the blogs that have been published over that period. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing them.

    1. Grab attention with iWear for iPod Video

    2. Never got lost in Europe or North America with the StreetPilot c550

    3. Does Microsoft really have security experts?

    4. Record video with mDVR and watch it over your mobile phone

    5. No more excuses not to cook with StirChef saucepan stirrer

    6. Radius320 3-in-1 LCD Display

    7. Not so cool gadget with Thermic Sole

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    Me, Blogging, and Gadgetell

    Posted by CJCM on 6th October 2006

    Since I got involved with blogging…one of my past time activities on the net is…what else…reading blog. I came across a lot of different types of blog themes. I read personal blogs, gadget blogs, techology blogs, business blogs, make-money-online blogs, you name it..there are all kinds of blogs out there you can never read them all.

    I recently saw an advertisement in ProBlogger for a Technology Blogger at Gadgetell, a consumer technology blog that regularly writes about, “Tech News, Reviews, and Interesting Things.” I checked it out and thought…why not give this one a try so I immediately shot an email to apply, referring them to this blog and PDAs Review as my ‘referees’.

    To my surprise, within a week of my application, I received a “Welcome to the Gadgetell Team” reply from Doug Berger, the Editor at Gadgetell. I was floating in the air for a while….and landing to the ground a few moments later I realized that I have started a new chapter in my life.

    I quickly replied to the email with all the necessary information requested by Doug and another few days went by. Yesterday, I finally received my login ID to Gadgetell with the instructions of how to post at Gadgetell.

    I immediately work on my first posting and upon scouring the net, I stumbled upon a nice gadget that I like and thought why not feature this gadget in my first Gadgetell post. I searched for the device in Gadgetell and there was no post featuring this baby yet so I quickly spent the next thirty minutes on my maiden post.

    The submitted post however must be approved by the Editor first so I was waiting anxiously to find out if they like my first post. Today when I visited Gadgetell, I couldnt be bothered to scroll down to see if my post was there, I just typed ‘iWear’ in the search box and hit enter. It took only a few seconds to show the results but I felt that must be the longest wait I have ever experienced for a search results to show.

    Ta…taa…..there it was….the title “Grab attention with iWear for iPod Video” looked so familiar, still fresh in my mind because it was only yesterday I had worked on it.

    I hope you enjoy this posting and will regularly join me at Gadgetell as well to find out what is the latest thing happening in the gadget world.

    Thank you Gadetell for accepting me as one of your Technology Blogger.

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