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Dec 06

Ventedoy… Another Unique Directory by Alang

Posted by CJCM

Guys… you have to take a look at this. Before this Alang had scored a first when he created the 50 Pages Website directory. Now he has Ventedoy, another unique directory service by Alang. I won’t talk much about it because you can get the details at the website. The idea is amazingly simple and the potential to make money is huge. I knew this guy was up to something… and here it is… welcome to Ventedoy.

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Dec 06


Posted by CJCM

PayPerPostI had just checked my email and had noticed an email from PayPerPost that looked like it was sent only to members of PayPerpost. I was wondering because I knew I am not yet accepted as one of their PayPerPost bloggers. I remember about one week back PayPerPost had sent an email regarding my application and informed me about my blog not being accepted due to a technical problem with my blog where they had claimed that I had a duplicate site of the same blog.

True enough, my blog used to be hosted at but had been migrated to a new domain I had not removed the old blog, but I have setup a permanent redirect to the new url. I had resubmitted my blog with an explanation and had not been checking the status until I received an email from them just now. Upon logging into my account I found out my blog had been accepted by PayPerPost.

There had been quite an interesting story behind my application to PayPerPost. I had received an email from another friend of mine who had recommended that I apply to join PayPerPost. She had mentioned that she could get referral fee for recommending friends to join PayPerPost. After reading about PayPerPost, I became interested and had applied through the website. I am supposed to receive an email where I had to activate my account right after the registration process. However the email never arrived and I had tried to re-register a few times only to face the same problem. So I had contacted PayPerPost through their contact form and had explained about my predicament hoping they would resolve that very quickly. But that was soo looooong time ago, so long I had given up hope of joining PayPerPost. However, I had received an another email from PayPerPost at least two or three weeks ago informing that my account had been activated and that I could now log in. That was when I had tried to register my blog and got rejected due to the reason explained above.

So I now have another option of additional income through blogging which I think is quite interesting. Eventhough there had been many controversy around paid-posts discussed and argued over many blogs and forums, I think there is nothing wrong with pay per post blogging. Why so much fuss about it when you also get paid for displaying advertisement on your blog, getting paid for someone clkicking on the Google ads via Adsense, getting paid for referring visitors to an affiloiate site and what not?

PayPerPost is just another avenue for blogger to get additional income and I am totally comfortable with it because it’s no different to what I am already doing at Profy and Gadgetell where I got paid for every post I write in those two blogs. Paid blogger is just another job, just like salesman job. Instead of selling just that company’s product, PayPerPost bloggers sell many different products and services…and what is wrong with that? Come on guys… leave me alone with this, will you?

By the way, I have not earned any money yet from PayPerPost but after this post I hope there will be some money rolling into my PayPal account that I can used for my online shopping. And the best part is, I am not alone here… you too can also join the club, as long as you are not bothered with those people that have been putting ‘their’ negative opinions about PayPerPost.

Good luck with your blogging!!

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Dec 06

Update on CREAMaid

Posted by CJCM

CREAMaid payment received

Well, I got something creamy from CREAMYaid. My conversation about being one of the awesome million had been accepted by the conversation starter, so they had paid me some royalty on that… not much but the USD4 sent to my PayPal proved that CREAMYaid beta hold true to its promise.

Like I mentioned in the update for my first conversation about the CREAMaid itself, I was accepted but there was no royalty due to the conversation campaign had been stopped.

So it is very important that you ensure a conversation campaign is actually running if you want to get paid when you are accepted.

Good luck!!

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Dec 06

Creamy CREAMaid!

Posted by CJCM

CREAMYaid As usual, I just went over to to check out what is he up to, and it was interesting to know another Malaysian had turned ProBlogger. Very cool. I quickly checked MENJ blog. The first page I landed at talked about CREAMYaid. Creamy what??? Apparently, CREAMYaid is another method a blogger can make extra money blogging. This is not just another blog marketing service. After reading more about CREAMaid I became instantly interested. So I checked out further and decided to join the wagon and see what I can end up with.

So here is what I did:

Step 1
At the main page of CREAMaid, I browse conversations started by Marketers who want to create campaign for their products. In this case I selected a conversation started by CREAMaid itself, to promote its unique service. The conversation is : What does CREAMaid taste like?

Step 2
I visited one of the existing website that already accepted by the Marketer, also known as Conversation Starter, and join the conversation there.

Step 3
I got a code that will create a widget. I am supposed to paste this code in my post.

Step 4
I created this post to talk about CREAMaid and paste the widget code in my post. You should see it there at the boottom of this post.

Step 5
If my post is selected and accepted by the Marketer, my post will be featured in the widget together with all other posts that have been accepted, I will earn a royalty.
If any blogger decide to join the conversation by clicking on my site’s widget, I will earn a referral fee.

So that’s it folks. It seems simple and it is simple. You decide which conversation you want to join, create a post about it, get the widget code for the conversation and include it in your post and sit back.

And how does CREAMaid taste. To tell you honestly, I dont know yet. But I get it will be CREAMY and YUMMY, especially when you start receiving all those royalties and referral fees from CREAMaid.

So have fun with CREAMYaid. Its not hard to join. No signup, no application, no rejection due link popularity crap. Just blog the conversation. The worst thing that can happen, you joined a conversation, you write something totally not CREAMY that the marketer didn’t accept or select your post, so you receive no royalty. But you are in the game…. and its all about having CREAMaid fun blogging your way.

Good luck.

P/S: This conversation What does CREAMaid taste like? may not be active by the time you read this post, so make sure you join only active conversation.

Update: I just received an email from CREAMaid that this post had been selected. Unfortunately, there is no royalty to be received. I think the conversation campaign had finished, which I didn’t check before. But I dont understand why it is still accepting participation.. maybe CREAMaid can clarify this?

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Dec 06

What Do You Do As a Blogger?

Posted by CJCM

Have you ever wondered what does a blogger do everyday? Well, of course we have to write articles for our blog. Thats what we do most of the time. But that’s is not all, especially if you are a paid blogger. In addition to writing for the blogs, a blogger also has to promote his or her blog. There are many ways to promote a bog. The most common one is submitting your blog to blog directories or general web directories. The more directories you submit your blog to, the more chances people will find your blog, increasing traffic to your blog.

A blogger also should join as many forums as possible where you can promote your blog in those forums. The most common method here is to display your blog in your signature which is visible in all your posting so that people can see and click to look at your blog. The more active you are in a forum, the more chances other forum members will see your blog.

Of course, a blogger should also visit other blogs written by other bloggers. You should not miss the opportunity to comment in others blogs, contributing to online discussions. If you comment smartly and relevant to the topic being blogged, people will notice you and will want to see your blog and the chances are they might come back for more if your contents are interesting. What type of blogs you would want to visit? Well, you can actually visit any blogs really, but if you are writing for celebrity blogs, for example, it is better if you visits and comments on other celebrity blogs written by others. I like to visit a lot of technology blogs because that is what I am interested in. But I sure do visit other blogs as well for sharing knowledge and experience.

There are also other chores a blogger does every other day such replying to emails and researching for ideas and materials for the blogs, but in general, bloggers must spend a lot of time promoting his or her blogs so that more people will find his or her blog.

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Dec 06

Digital Camera Blogger Wanted

Posted by CJCM

Digital cameraAre you passionate about digital camera? Can you blog? If you say yes to both, I would like to hear from you. I am looking for a part-time blogger who can post at least 3 articles about digital cameras per week. You must be proficient in English and able to write concise English. While blogging experience is not required, it certainly helps. You will be hired on commission sharing basis, taking 60% of all revenue generated by your blog. You must have PayPal account, but a Maybank account is also acceptable if you are Malaysian. The position is opened to anyone, Malaysian or international bloggers. You don’t have to worry about setting up the blog and domain registration because it will be taken care of for you. All you have to do is to blog.

Please apply using contact form, telling us about yourself and a sample post about using any function of a digital camera, and a link to your existing blog if you already have one.

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