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    Posted by CJCM on 4th November 2007

    Bluekaripap.com - no its not curry puff he heWell if you are thinking of getting the best karipap (curry puff) to satisfy your hunger and crave for curry puff at Bluekaripap.com, you wil be in for a big surprise and will leave with your stomnach still empty.

    So what is Bluekaripap.com:

    Bluekaripap.com (BKP) is a young Asian animated series that follows a bunch of youths with big dreams who hang out at a small urban café called the Blue Karipap. Inspired by today’s young Asian aspirations as well as life in the city, BKP is about not giving up on our dreams, whether young or old, and picking ourselves up when life is down. After all…”Life’s not Blue…It’s Up to You!”

    You should check it out. Did I tell you I love karipap?

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    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com to drive traffic to your site

    Posted by CJCM on 13th June 2007

    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directoryI have just launched a new web directory, Bid4ListingPortfolio.com which is based on the increasingly popular trend of bidding for top stpos in a web directory.

    It’s pretty simple in concept where your site will be displayed at the top of the list if you dare to bid for the highest spot in the directory. How much does it cost to be at the top? You decide…. of course it depends on how much the current bidder isholding for the top spot and how much you are willing to spend on advertising for your site. If you are not so crazy about being at the top, then you can just bid for a position at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com for a minium of USD1.00 for link building of your website which would eventually contribute to the ranking of your site.

    Once your bid is accepted, Bid4LinksPortfolio.com will display your site’s link showing the number of backlinks from Google, Yahoo and Technorati as well as the number of pages as indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also displays the PR of your site… all are visible from the main page for the top 10 successful bidders.

    Powered by phpLinkBid, I hope you like Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directory which I have spent almost two days setting up and tweaking the template to make quite unique in terms of the layout although I wish I can be more creative in terms of colours. Give me some more time, I will try to improve whenever I have time…. do letme know your opinions and suggestion.

    I am also thinking of developing the template further and make it available for download but that will take some times if it ever happens.. :)

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    Broadband services: Malaysia vs United Kingdom

    Posted by CJCM on 2nd April 2007

    I blogged about how poor is the service provided by TMNet’s Streamyx broadband sercvices in Malaysia. Streamyx becomes the talk of the town every now and then due to its performance that resembles more like a yo-yo than a true broadband service. To be fair to TMNet, I must say the speed and stability of Streamyx broadband had improved significantly lately. But I still experience sudden and abrupt disconnection every now and then, which is quite annoying. The sad part is, no matter how unhappy you are with broadband service in Malaysia, TMNet’s Streamyx is the only logical choice due to the fact that it is the sole provider of broadband services in Malaysia that provides nationwide coverage, well almost. Take it or leave it.. that must be the motto that makes TMNet don’t really care about customer service.

    Now lets take a look at UK. First of all, there are multiple broadband service providers offering competitive product and services. Upon checking the Broadbandsuppliers.co.uk website, I found out there are twelve (12) broadband providers that provide a wide range of products and sercvices to spoil the consumers. From the broadband services point of view, I wish I live in UK but then I can’t stand its cold weather.

    The services offered by these broadband ISPs are also cheap compared to Malaysia’s Screamyx.. oppss Streamyx. The bandwidth offered by these broadband providers are also very impressive. While Streamyx offers bandwidth connection of up to 2Mbps only, majority of UK’s broadband providers offer up to a whopping 8Mbps connection. I am sure broadband internet in UK is very much more fun than in Malaysia due to its competitiveness. But then there is no place like home and Malaysia is my home, so I’d stay with Streamyx for now.

    This is a sponsored post.

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    Online resources for web developers and programmers

    Posted by CJCM on 28th March 2007

    When I started my tertiary studies in the field of information technology way back in mid 1980s, all I had for references were hard-covered books and computer manuals that I had to carry around the campus for reference. There weren’t even softcopies of user manuals of the programming languages I was learning then. If I need some help in doing my assignments, I had to go and personally see either my lecturers of some friends who were obviously more knowledgable due to the fact they had personal computers at home. At that time there were no internet available yet.

    But that was then. Since the advent of internet, the scenario had dramatically changed, not only in the field of education but in every imaginable field mankind are involved. As for developers and programmers, internet had provided a medium not only for information sharing but also as a medium where the like-minded communities can actually communicate and interact with each other. Web developers and programmers, naturally are the group of people who actually gain the real benefit of internet in the early days. Online communities of every field of information technology are now avaialble all over the internet, serving millions of members of the information society who are always hungry for information related to computing

    Online information resources offer students and professionals alike, tremendous amount of freely available information that allows creativity and skills development to flourish even without the presence of gurus. One such online communities is Dream.In.Code The web development and programming community had been in existence for 6 years now with almost 26,000 members who are actively involved in the exchange of information related to web development and computer programming in their forums.

    Dream.In.Code forums cover wide array of web development and programming topics such as Building Your Site, Promotion & Monetization, HTML & CSS, PHP, ASP, C++, Java, VisualBasic, .NET, and more. Members and visitors also have access to online tutorials, code snippets, online resources as well as interesting contests. You can even laze around in the Caffeine Lounge with other like-minded geeks to exchange ideas and shares your thoughts with them… online of course. All in all, Dream.In.Code is a fun community for beginners and experts to share their knowledge and passion for programming and web development.

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    This is a sponsored post.

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    Introducing CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog network

    Posted by CJCM on 24th March 2007

    CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog networkEver since I got myself into blogging sometime in August 2006, I am totally hooked into it. What had initially been blogging just for fun had turned into something that is both fun and rewarding. Within a relatively short period of time, I have transformed from a hobby-blogger to semi-pro blogger .. :) having secured blogger positions for sites such as Gadgetell, Profy (Note: I have ceased to be an author there), Techzoogle and lately Kuala Lumpur is Home, a Home Turf Media blog.

    My involvement with Home Turf Media, a brand new city-based blog network, had sparked new interest in me in the area of setting up and managing a blog network. After some serious thinking and much research on the internet, I finally decided to launch my very own blog network. As a result, 12th February 2007, CJCMedia Network was born, although the ground works for the network had been going on for weeks prior to that.

    CJCMedia Network, the first Malaysian blog network I believe, is a proof of my committment and passion for blogging. My ambition is to spin this Malaysia’s premier blog network into something that all Malaysians can be proud of in the blog network arena. That of course will not come easy as there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of in developing the network.

    Although I am currently working to launch several sites authored by Malaysian-based bloggers, CJCMedia Network aims to pool together a network of talented bloggers from both Malaysia and the rest of the world.

    I really hope this network will receive much needed support from everyone especially Malaysians. If you would like to know how you can be part of CJCMedia Network, here is a good place to start. Stay tuned for more news about CJCMedia Network.

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    Another fraudulent email to steal my PayPal information

    Posted by CJCM on 21st March 2007

    Here is another attempt by some online criminals to steal my PayPal information. The email was supposedly sent by PayPal but if you scrutinize closely, it is very obvious that the email is an attempt by someone to steal your PayPal account ID and password.

    The most obvious one is the link in the email where you are supposed to click to confirm your account.

    Attempt to steal PayPal account information

    When I hover my mouse cursor over the link, it shows right at the bottom left of my screen the actual URL, which is not PayPal’s URL, if I click the above link. So if you receive any email asking you to confirm your PayPal account, NEVER click the link from the email. If you are itchy to check your account status, do it by entering the URL directly into your browser address bar, just as a matter of pre-caution. It doesn’t hurt to be extra careful.

    Your PayPal Account is Blocked

    Dear Member,

    We recently reviewed your account, and suspect that your PayPal account may have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Protecting the security of your account is our primary concern. Therefore, as a preventative measure, we have temporarily limited access to sensitive account features.

    To restore your online account access, we need you to confirm your account, to do so we need you to follow the link below and proceed to confirm your information:


    Tank you for your patience as we work together to protect your account.

    PayPal Customer Service

    Please update your records on or before 48 hours, a failure to update your records will result in a temporal hold on your funds.

    Copyright © 1999-2007 PayPal. All rights reserved.

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    Malaysian will soon be able to enjoy greater mobility with WiMax

    Posted by CJCM on 17th March 2007

    The Malaysian government had awarded licenses to four companies, Bizsurf (M) Sdn Bhd, MIB Comm Sdn Bhd, Asiaspace Dotcom Sdn Bhd and Redtone-CNX Broadband Sdn Bhd, to operate WiMAx networks in Malaysia. Interestingly, they four had beaten some of the big names in Malaysian telecommunication industry such as the heavyweights DiGi.Com Bhd, Maxis Communications Bhd and TM Bhd.

    The services are expected to be available to the public by year end. Once these are in operation, Malaysians will be able to surf the Internet at ultra-high speeds from any point in the country, as well as enjoy new or improved Web-based services. Lets hope we can get better sercvices and cheaper rates from these four service providers. I hope they do not emulate my experience with Screamyx.


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    Cheques everywhere at Cheques Gallery

    Posted by CJCM on 7th March 2007

    Lots of cheques at Cheques Gallery

    Believe it or not, there are people who are making real money online… and there a lot of these internet marketers and bloggers who laughing all the way to their banks…. cashing in their cheques. And if there is one place online to see all these cheques …. it has to be Cheques Gallery. I got to know about this interesting site while reading about $700,000 Adsense Check over at romantika.name, one of the blog that I read every now and then.

    You should pay a visit to Cheque Gallery, read how much internet marketers and bloggers are making online and hopefuly be inspired by them. Cheques Gallery is barely two months old but looking at the comments posted, it already has garnered a streams of followers and loyal readers. Don’t be surprised if Cheques Gallery would one day be featuring it’s own cheque. Cheques Gallery is written by … who else but Mr Cheque. Have fun :)

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    TheGoodBlogs.. a new blog community

    Posted by CJCM on 4th March 2007

    I just discovered a new blog community, TheGoodBlogs, that works in similar way MyBlogLog does although it is slightly different. The idea is still the same, that is to promote your blog contents through communities. Once you join as a member of TheGoodBlogs, you then create a widget which you can display on your blog very much the same way MyBlogLog displays the recent readers of your blog. The difference here is that TheGoodBlogs widget doesn’t show the recent readers but it shows the lates post from blog feeds within the blog category you joined or the blog title, which ever you set during widget creation. You can also choose to include and promote any community in the widget.You can create your own communities or you can also join communities already created by others. I have started a new community for Malaysian bloggers. All in all, TheGoodBlogs is what I call bloggers promoting each other in the blogosphere world, generating traffic, and discovering news things in the blogging world. You should give it a try. If you are Malaysian, please don’t forget to promote Malaysian Bloggers community on your widget. TheGoodBligs is still in Beta and it’s free.

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    Peace of mind with dedicated web hosting services by HostedSolution’s Charlotte Data Center, North Carolina

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd March 2007

    Charlotte North Carolina

    I have previously discussed about the advantage of using dedicated web hosting to cater for your growing business needs. In this followup review, lets look at other advantages of using a dedicated web hosting for your business needs. One such factors is more related to human-nature, we call it peace-of-mind. Why is this important? As a business owner that depends heavily on the reliability and security of the internet infrastructure running your business, you owe it to yourself to be assured that you are completely freed from having to worry about the level of reliability and security of your IT investment. That’s what dedicated web hosting managed environment provides for you.

    Dedicated server hosting is favorable because it offers peace of mind in terms of control and reliability. A dedicated web administrator has more control over a dedicated server which makes it more secure. compared to a shared web server. By knowing what exactly is installed on a dedicated server a system administrator is able to fully in control on the software and application updates necessary to maintain the dedicated web server.

    Having full control also means a server administrator has the self-sufficiency and authority to optimize performance by tweaking variables such as page load speed and general server resource allocation. This server reliability translates to customer satisfaction, which is you, and an increase in the bottom line goals of a your web site’s presence.

    Having decided that dedicated web hosting is the way to go for some businesses, the issue is not over just yet. You need reliable and trusworthy partner to ensure you get a real peace of mind in your decision to go for dedicated web hosting.

    There are many service providers offering dedicated web hosting in the face of this earth but for business owners in North Carolina, HostedSolution’s Data Center Charlotte is worth considering.

    Hosted Solutions’ Charlotte Data Center is a SAS 70 Type II compliant that offers 24/7 monitoring, delivering the highest level of security, safety, redundancy, reliability, scalability and technology.

    Some of the features offered by Charlotte Data Center are:

    • Lightning protection throughout the perimeter
      Ballistics-proof walls, doors, and windows
      24-hour physical security with card access control throughout space
      Redundant off-site monitoring of all security systems
      Camera on each doorway
      Sensor-driven cameras that that digitally record all movement in and around the data center
      Hurricane wind rated roof
      Leak detection system
      Redundant off-site monitoring of all security systems
      Forces double verification and provides extra secure data center entry
      Prowatch building management system
      and many more….
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