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Feb 07

Microsoft using AirAsia to push Vista?

Posted by CJCM

Gadget for tracking Air Asia deal, but your PC must have Vista... what a bummerMalaysia’ leading low cost carrier AirAsia today announced the availability of a software tool called ‘Gadget’ that allows its customers to track AirAsia deals from the desktop without firing up the browser.

Gadget will enable frequent AirAsia fliers to stay abreast of the airline’s promotions and offers without the bother of having to point their browsers to the airline’s website and monitoring it manually,” said AirAsia vice-president Kathleen Tan.

But there is a catch. Your PC must have Microsoft Vista to run AirAsia Gadget. Tony Fernandez must be kidding or he had not been approriately advised by the IT executives of AirAsia. I believe majority of AirAsia customers are normal folks whose PCs are running Windows XP at most, if not lesser version of Windows. In fact many of them still buy AirAsia tickets from the AirAsia counters. I also believe there are not many corporate jet setters fly AirAsia either due to its low cost carrier image and unreliable schedule so I doubt very much if Tony Fernandez are targeting the software for the corporate clients, which would have better chances of having Vista installed in their offices. Even then, majority of corporate PCs are running older versions of Microsoft operating systems such as XP.

What am I trying to say is there are just not enough numbers of Microsoft Vista users that could make use of AirAsia’a latest software… unless of course Tony had been convinced by Gates that there are enough Windows Vista users in the countries AirAsia is operating and majority of them are already AirAsia customers.

If I were Tony Fernandez, I’d say thank you to Bill Gates and would ask my IT team to write a software that runs on more down to earth operating system such Microsoft XP and Linux… which are more common even in the business organizations. Good luck to Air Asia and Tony Fernandez on the new software.

Read [Star Online]

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Jan 07

Dedicated Web Hosting

Posted by CJCM

When I first time ventured into blogging, I had a free blogging account at where I created my 1st personal blog. After a few rounds of posting and getting to know more about internet web hosting and blog software, I decided to make a switch from Blogger and register my own domain name. Subsequently I also decided on Wordpress for my blogging needs and have been very happy with the decision. I have since have a few blogs which occupy most of my free time after work and weekends. All of my blogs are hosted on shared web hosting service.

For individual blogging, I think a shared hosting is just fine. As a matter of fact, shared hosting is an economical, flexible solution for individuals and even small- to medium-sized businesses looking to just establish an online presence. With shared web hosting, multiple websites are allowed to reside on a single server sharing all the resources to run your website as well as others.

As your business grows and the number of blogs and its traffic increase, you may want to consider upgrading the hosting of your sites. In terms of blogging, you may now be running a huge blog networks consisting of tens or even hundred of bloggers. Under such scenario, dedicated hosting may be your next logical choice.

The primary difference between a shared and dedicated hosting services is that with a dedicated plan, your site resides on its own server. The increased power of provided by a dedicated server results in higher computing power which are more suitable for customers with high traffic volumes and complex web requirements typically running complex and mission critical web applications such as online shopping website.

The good news is, there are multitude of options of dedicated web hosting companies available out there for you to consider.

HostedSolutions is one such companies. Having 4 data dedicated centers and offering a range of web hosting solutions such as Colocation, Dedicated Servers, Managed Services and Disaster Recoveries, HostedSolutions may just be the web hosting service provider you are looking for to help fullfill your increased web hosting and computing needs for your business.

Outsourcing your dedicated web hosting to third party web hosting service providers such as HostedSolutions does make business sense in the long run where it allows you company to concentrate on the core business activities while HostedSolutions takes care of the technology part of it, saving your company considerable amount of high inventment dollars on the fast changing technology that may be obsolete even before you reap full benefits of your technology investment.

This post is brought to you by PayPerPost.

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Dec 06

City Bloggers Wanted at Home Turf Media

Posted by CJCM

Home Turf MediaIf you are not yet aware, Home Turf Media is a new blog network based in Canada. HTM is a niche blog network specializing in city blogging. The first three blogs are already up and running, but they are looking for more city bloggers to achive an ambitious target of 100 city blogs by end of December 2007.

The second round appplication is already open so do get in touch with HTM to get your city on Home Turf media. Good luck.

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Dec 06

Which Type of Blogger Are You?

Posted by CJCM

I have only started blogging for just over four months ago. I started with a free blog and then moved my blog to my own domain only after making less than 10 entries in the original blog. Some 3 months later, I moved again to a new domain which is going to be a permanent address for my blog.

All the while I am an editor for my own blog. Along the way, I had been introduced to the idea of paid blogger, which can be a single author or co-author. When you co-author a blog, you and at least one more bloger would post entries to the blog.

Yet, there is another type of blog authoring known as ghost blogger. No…you are not a ghost when you become a ghost blogger, just that blog readers do not know that you are the one who are writing all the blog entries. This is because the owner of the blog still uses his or her name as the author of the blog. However he or she has engaged you to become a ghost blog writer and never made known to the blog visitor.

I believe there are many ghost bloggers out there in the blogosphere, but they are never popular or known to the readers or visitors. However, it is a different case for Neil Crespi, a Freelance Journalist, and the author of Squidoo. Besides being a Freelance Journalist, Neil Crespi is also a Part Time Blogger and Part Time Ghost Blogger. Naturally, it is not stated which blog he is a Ghost Blogger for, other wise he wouldnt be a ghost any more…right?

I for one do not like to be a Ghost Blogger. I’d rather be authoring a blog on my own or with other bloggers as co-bloggers. How about you?

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Dec 06

It Has Been an Exciting Week

Posted by CJCM

This week ending Friday 1st December 2006, had been very exciting for me. The weeks to come will be even more exciting and here are the reasons:

1. I just started my new IT Project Management job at a multinational IT company in Cyberjaya. I will talk more on this in my future post, especially on the nice office environment.

2. I just got accepted as a ProBlogger (well actually Semi-Pro.. since I am not full time Blogger)for a new blog network. Only a handful were selected for pilot project and I was lucky to be one of them. The blog is being setup and I will dwell more on this once the site is up and running. The domain name is ready but I will only let you know later when I talked about it in more detail. I love startup and this one is an exciting project. Watch out for more news on this.

3. My blog CJCM2u had been accepted by Blog to Profit, a relatively new startup specializing in blog advertising. For trial run, I have received an order for 5 posts, so I am going to work on it this weekend.

4. My latest blog, Sembang Gadget, the first gadget blog written in Malay language, is taking off quite nicely and steadily getting more readership. I hope this will continue for the months to come.

There are also a few new things I want to introduce in but I will leave that one for next time.

I am off to PIKOM’s PC Fair in Kuala Lumpur Covention Center with my kids and hopefully be able to pickup something cheap there. I will update on this later. Stay tuned and have a good weekend.

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Nov 06

My Recent Posts at Gadgetell

Posted by CJCM

Gadgetell logo

1. Microsoft IE7’s phishing false alarms 25th Nov 2005
2. The Italians get new a mobile tv phone from Samsung 24th Nov 2006
3. Wi-Fi patent legal battle between CSIRO and wireless big names 22nd Nov 2006
4. Microsoft to Novell: you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours 21st Nov 2006

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