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Apr 07

CJCMedia Network is loking for Malaysian city bloggers

Posted by CJCM

CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog networkCJCMedia Network had launched four of its network blogs. Check it out here:

Street-IT by Arman
Web Programming by Arejae
Musing Mother by Elviza
Woman vs Sports by Junita

In the mean time, CJCMedia Network is looking to expand it network to cover Malaysian cities. If you live in any of the Malaysian state capitals, have passion for writing and would love to tell the world about the cities you live in, check out how you can partner with CJCMedia Network.

If you are not from Malaysia, don’t despair. CJCMedia Network is not all about Malaysian bloggers. We are also looking for international bloggers. Tell us what you would like to write about and we will consider.

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Mar 07

Introducing CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog network

Posted by CJCM

CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog networkEver since I got myself into blogging sometime in August 2006, I am totally hooked into it. What had initially been blogging just for fun had turned into something that is both fun and rewarding. Within a relatively short period of time, I have transformed from a hobby-blogger to semi-pro blogger .. :) having secured blogger positions for sites such as Gadgetell, Profy (Note: I have ceased to be an author there), Techzoogle and lately Kuala Lumpur is Home, a Home Turf Media blog.

My involvement with Home Turf Media, a brand new city-based blog network, had sparked new interest in me in the area of setting up and managing a blog network. After some serious thinking and much research on the internet, I finally decided to launch my very own blog network. As a result, 12th February 2007, CJCMedia Network was born, although the ground works for the network had been going on for weeks prior to that.

CJCMedia Network, the first Malaysian blog network I believe, is a proof of my committment and passion for blogging. My ambition is to spin this Malaysia’s premier blog network into something that all Malaysians can be proud of in the blog network arena. That of course will not come easy as there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of in developing the network.

Although I am currently working to launch several sites authored by Malaysian-based bloggers, CJCMedia Network aims to pool together a network of talented bloggers from both Malaysia and the rest of the world.

I really hope this network will receive much needed support from everyone especially Malaysians. If you would like to know how you can be part of CJCMedia Network, here is a good place to start. Stay tuned for more news about CJCMedia Network.

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Mar 07

Cheques everywhere at Cheques Gallery

Posted by CJCM

Lots of cheques at Cheques Gallery

Believe it or not, there are people who are making real money online… and there a lot of these internet marketers and bloggers who laughing all the way to their banks…. cashing in their cheques. And if there is one place online to see all these cheques …. it has to be Cheques Gallery. I got to know about this interesting site while reading about $700,000 Adsense Check over at, one of the blog that I read every now and then.

You should pay a visit to Cheque Gallery, read how much internet marketers and bloggers are making online and hopefuly be inspired by them. Cheques Gallery is barely two months old but looking at the comments posted, it already has garnered a streams of followers and loyal readers. Don’t be surprised if Cheques Gallery would one day be featuring it’s own cheque. Cheques Gallery is written by … who else but Mr Cheque. Have fun :)

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Feb 07

Update on SlashMySearch

Posted by CJCM

My unrealized income from SlashMySearchI blogged about earning some extra money using a search engine SlashMySearch before in this blog. Subsequently, the same post made it to Darren Rowse’s Speed Linking Reader Edition. Here are some updates about my account since I joined SlashMySearch program 13th Feb 2007.

I had 11 affiliates signed up under Level 1. I had 5 affiliates signed up under my level 1 affiliates. My total earning so far is US$2.84603 and I am not using it as heavy as I should have. What do you think? OK, I agree its not big amount, yet…. but for a new program, it pays not bad at all I must say. Of course I still have to wait until I reach minimum amount for my first payment but I am keeping my fingers crossed. I hope SlashMySearch will walk their talk and pay all affiliates as promised. Have you joined? How is your earning so far? Please share with me your experience using SlashMySearch. If you haven’t joined, please click here to be part of the community that earn money using a search engine. Good luck!

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Feb 07

Review My Post by PayPerPost

Posted by CJCM

PayPerPost has come up with another innovative way to allow bloggers to earn money from their blogs. If you don’t like to earn money by writing sponsored posts on your blog then Review My Post, which is an innovative affiliate referral program created by PayPerPost, is definitely for you.

Review My PostSo how does Review My Post work? Well it is very much straight forward. As the name of the program implies, Review My Post is the program that pays you for writing a review (in your blog of course) of the post where you see the badge shown here. Isn’t that a nice and simple way to monetize your blog? If you like to try this new exciting program from PayPerPost, you can do it right here. At the bottom of this post, you see the same badge you see here. Go on and click the badge and participate right away. All you have to do is to write a review of this post … yes…, my post that you are reading right now… and you can earn some money from it. Do let me know if you enjoy getting the money for such an easy and enjoyable task.

If you are an advertiser, you can reach more audience through this program by promoting your product or services on blogs that participate in PayPerPost program. If you regularly advertise on blogs, PayPerPost is definitely the right place for you to reach more prospective clients. Good luck!

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Feb 07

I made it to Darren Rowse’s Speedlinking Reader Submission

Posted by CJCM

Darren RowseDarren Rowse of ProBlogger had some trouble for this week’s Speedlinking project. He had lost some emails with links in it that were meant to be part of his Speedlinking entries. So he quickly setup a project to ask his readers to submit some links he could use for his Speedlinking post, but it was extremely tight in terms of deadline, about 9 hours away when I found out about it in the private forum of Home Turf Media, a network of city-based bloggers, where I am the host of Kuala Lumpur is Home. Thanks to David of Brisbane is Home for the tip-off, I immediately submit an entry about earning money through using a search engine which I already posted a few days back in my blog here.

I didn’t really have high hope knowing Darren’s high standard so I wasn’t really expecting any miracle from it. However my hope went slightly up last night when I saw Darren’s face in my MyBlogLog widget, I knew Darren was checking on my post so I waited eagerly this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my submission was included in ProBlogger’s Speedlinking Reader Submission this week 17th Feb 2007. Thank you Darren for including me in your project. I have always enjoyed participating in ProBlogger’s project especially the Group Writing Project where I have participated twice. You can check it out here and here.

In the mean time, this is the list of readers-submitted entries that had made it to ProBlogger’s Speedlinking this week. Enjoy!

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