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    Malaysians can now withdraw PayPal funds to credit cards

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd October 2007

    Withdraw PayPal to credit card

    The biggest problem of withdrawing money from PayPal account for Malaysians is finally solved… for good… and the solution is from none other than PayPal itself. You can now withdraw fund from your PayPal account directly to your credit card. And the cost is also quite cheap… USD 5.00 per withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD10.00. If the withdrawal is somehow not completed and the amount will be returned to your PayPal account with USD 10.00 service charge incurred. This is definitely the best news for all Malaysian internet enterpreneurs who have been facing various problems withdrawing money from PayPal. There were previously various alternative solutions for Malaysians to withdraw money from PayPal but the steps involved are just too complicated for ordinary net-citizens with high transactions cost.

    I guess Hafiz Latib from MalaysiaPal will not be too happy with this news from one aspect but I am sure this is for the betterment of all Malaysian internet enterpreneurs. For your information, MalaysiaPal introduced a mechanism for Malaysian to withdraw PayPal funds to Accent debit cards. The party is also over for those who have been making good income by buying and selling PayPal funds at heavily discounted MYR rates.

    Come to think about it, I was wondering what took PayPal so long to implement this when the members can already fund the PayPal account from credit cards in the first place. In any case, kudos and big thank you to PayPal for solving the biggest problem for all Malaysian PayPal account holders. Bravo…..!!!

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