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    Introducing CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog network

    Posted by CJCM on 24th March 2007

    CJCMedia Network, Malaysia’s premier blog networkEver since I got myself into blogging sometime in August 2006, I am totally hooked into it. What had initially been blogging just for fun had turned into something that is both fun and rewarding. Within a relatively short period of time, I have transformed from a hobby-blogger to semi-pro blogger .. :) having secured blogger positions for sites such as Gadgetell, Profy (Note: I have ceased to be an author there), Techzoogle and lately Kuala Lumpur is Home, a Home Turf Media blog.

    My involvement with Home Turf Media, a brand new city-based blog network, had sparked new interest in me in the area of setting up and managing a blog network. After some serious thinking and much research on the internet, I finally decided to launch my very own blog network. As a result, 12th February 2007, CJCMedia Network was born, although the ground works for the network had been going on for weeks prior to that.

    CJCMedia Network, the first Malaysian blog network I believe, is a proof of my committment and passion for blogging. My ambition is to spin this Malaysia’s premier blog network into something that all Malaysians can be proud of in the blog network arena. That of course will not come easy as there are a lot of aspects that need to be taken care of in developing the network.

    Although I am currently working to launch several sites authored by Malaysian-based bloggers, CJCMedia Network aims to pool together a network of talented bloggers from both Malaysia and the rest of the world.

    I really hope this network will receive much needed support from everyone especially Malaysians. If you would like to know how you can be part of CJCMedia Network, here is a good place to start. Stay tuned for more news about CJCMedia Network.

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    I made it to Darren Rowse’s Speedlinking Reader Submission

    Posted by CJCM on 17th February 2007

    Darren RowseDarren Rowse of ProBlogger had some trouble for this week’s Speedlinking project. He had lost some emails with links in it that were meant to be part of his Speedlinking entries. So he quickly setup a project to ask his readers to submit some links he could use for his Speedlinking post, but it was extremely tight in terms of deadline, about 9 hours away when I found out about it in the private forum of Home Turf Media, a network of city-based bloggers, where I am the host of Kuala Lumpur is Home. Thanks to David of Brisbane is Home for the tip-off, I immediately submit an entry about earning money through using a search engine which I already posted a few days back in my blog here.

    I didn’t really have high hope knowing Darren’s high standard so I wasn’t really expecting any miracle from it. However my hope went slightly up last night when I saw Darren’s face in my MyBlogLog widget, I knew Darren was checking on my post so I waited eagerly this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my submission was included in ProBlogger’s Speedlinking Reader Submission this week 17th Feb 2007. Thank you Darren for including me in your project. I have always enjoyed participating in ProBlogger’s project especially the Group Writing Project where I have participated twice. You can check it out here and here.

    In the mean time, this is the list of readers-submitted entries that had made it to ProBlogger’s Speedlinking this week. Enjoy!

    1. 4 Tips on Smarter Archive Use
    2. Media Giant Takes Note from Christian
    3. Very Cheap Web hosting
    4. 9 Ways to make your new blog seem more established
    5. Last week in China - An Open Letter to Google via Rick
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    7. Creating Blog Relationshiops Leads to Successful Marketing and Promotion
    8. 12 year-old pro blogger? hardly.
    9. Strange Google Adsense Ads
    10. How to Blog - 1/8 Start Offline
    11. CPC, CPM or flat rate, which is best?
    12. Advice on Writing Blogs: What has helped me
    13. The Venture Skills Blog is your linkbait not working? try writing instead
    14. bla.st - the free visual directory, is offering a free card upgrade simply by linking to, or blogging about bla.st
    15. Linked in Widget
    16. Review Me, Review You: The Rolling Blogroll Has Launched
    17. Blogging Strategy: Goals
    18. 3 simple questions that will help you blog your city, like I do for Brisbane
    19. Five Basic Lessons in Blog Advertising
    20. Earn extra money doing what you do everyday… using a search engine
    21. Are You Burning Blog Bridges?
    22. SEO Simple
    23. Persuasive Website Design
    24. AGLOCO Will Not Make Money Online! Ever!
    25. 11 Ways for a Beginning Blogger to Get Eyeballs
    26. Blogging Content Matrix via Mark
    27. Weblog Tutorials
    28. WordPress 2.1 And Full Text RSS Feeds
    29. 5 Steps to Make it on the Web
    30. Diversifying from AdSense - Build a Sales Force, check out CPA
    31. Recursos para Generar Nuevos Ingresos
    32. WordPress.com vx. WordPress.org
    33. The Microsoft Monopoly Is At It Again… via David
    34. Free Money Finance Policy on Comment and Trackbacks
    35. Master the Art and Science of Buzz Marketing
    36. Revenue Sharing Podcasts for Blogs
    37. Carnival of Home Business
    38. How to Get a Free Link from ProBlogger
    39. My Cheat Sheet: How to Make Money via Blogging
    40. Adbrite: Make Money with Videos
    41. Scraper Sites Steal Your Content. Use them to Build Your Traffic
    42. BlixKrieg Theme - AdSense ready template via susiej
    43. Win an Amazon Gift Certificate or WP Upgrade Credits - Group Writing Project and Contest #2
    44. Find elements to reduce boredom due to blogging
    45. Google Plans AdWords Algorithm Change; Expects Complaints via Matt
    46. Google Adsense: Less is More? via nickel
    47. 1 Quick Tip to Get More ReviewMe Reviews

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    Exciting Time at Home Turf Media: More City Blogs Go Online

    Posted by CJCM on 29th January 2007

    Home Turf MediaI have blogged about Home Turf Media before and we are going through some exciting time with the addition more fascinating cities into the blog network

    The following Home Turf Media city blogs are either already online or will be on line soon:

    1. Kuala Lumpur Is Home
    2. Chattanooga Is Home
    3. Scene and Herd NY
    4. The San Diego Beat
    5. East London Life
    6. Brisbane is Home
    7. Calgary Voice
    8. San Francisco Voice
    9. Homespun Honolulu
    10. Las Vegas is Home

    I am inviting all of you to check them out and be fascinated by the colourful cities as written by Home Turf Media city bloggers.

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    SponsoredReview: Another pay per post blog advertising program.

    Posted by CJCM on 17th January 2007

    SponsoredReview - win-win for bloggers and advertisers

    With so much controversy generated in the blogosphere over the program pionered by PayPerPost, you’d thought there would not be new players pushing for similar concept, right? Wrong. SponsoredReview has joined the band wagon, and naturally as one of the proponents of such programs, I had registered myself and hope to start earning some advertising dollars from SponsoredReview as well.

    I believe more bloggers than ever will join forces with blog advertising companies in a trend that I can say is gaining popularity and accepted by all parties (advertisers, bloggers and consumers) except of course some quarters that think it is unthical to receive money for reviewing products in blogs.

    While SponsoredReview is not much different from other similar programs, there is at least one differentiating feature that I like. The advertising price is not fixed by SponsoredReview. Although it provides a guideline how much a blog should be paid for reviewing a product or services, bloggers and advertisers can negotiate their prices. This would be a plus both to advertiser and bloggers.

    If you are wondering, this post is not sponsored by SponsoredReview, yet… :)

    Read [SponsoredReview] via [Techzoogle]
    Read [SponsoredReview Blog]

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    PayPerPost Acquires Assets of Performancing.com

    Posted by CJCM on 30th December 2006

    PayPerPostSo finally it happened. The trend of acquiring competitors has finally catch up with blog advertising companies. PayPerPost has signed a letter of intent to acquire parts of Performancing.com. What does it mean to you and me as bloggers and advertisers? Well I guess it depends on how much you earn money through advertising and pay-per-post and also how much you as advertisers spend on blog advertising.

    Performancing logoThe most important thing from my personal perspective of this transaction is the central issue of the credibility of pay-per-post scheme itself. The topics have been debated at length on many blogs and websites. Some professional bloggers think pay-per-post is not an ethical way to earn money for bloggers. At the same time, thousands of bloggers jumped into the bandwagon giving them another platform to earn something out of their blog writing. Many of them earned a handsome sum of advertising dollars from pay-per-post scheme and many more earned a little bit here and there, all depending on how popular their blogs are.

    I think the purchasing of Performancing.com by PayPerPost has given some kind of moral boost to bloggers giving indications that pay per post is going to stay and thrive despite many negative opinions surrounding the advertising scheme. Given some times, I think pay-per-post will be accepted by more people in the blogosphere. As the technology and the methodology around pay-per-post mature, I dare to predict that pay-per-post will be one of the internet-economy driving factors for generating income through blogging, which is now very much dominated by Google’s PPC. Just my two cents.

    Read [ClickZ Network]
    Read [The Blogging Times]
    Read [Mean Old World]
    Read [Tech Crunch]

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    Have You Ever Thought What Happens To Your Blogs or Internet Businesses When You Die?

    Posted by CJCM on 25th December 2006

    It is an interesting question isn’t? If you are a Problogger and your family’s well being depends on income generated by your blogs, you should do something about it. I am not a Problogger but somehow, a question pop up in my mind, what happens to my blog when I die? It’s not so much of the money generated by my blog because it isn’t much to start with, but rather what would happen to it?

    One thing that comes to my mind is that, regular visitors to my blog (or for that matter anyone’s blog) will start thinking what happened to the blog owner? Is he sick? Is he busy? Is he still blogging? Is he alive? Is he dead?

    For Probloggers whose family are dependent of blogging income, this should be a serious question and requires serious attention to getting an asnwer to it. This is especially true if your spouse is not a blogger herself. You should have a blog continuity plan, very much like a business continuity plan should a disaster strikes, in this case your death.

    Here are some suggestions by Darren Rowse of Problogger how to prepare your spouse in the event of your death:

    Contact details for partners - I have a number of blog partners that would be able to help her navigate some of the logistics of managing my blogs
    Contact details for trusted other bloggers - a few others who know enough to be useful
    Passwords and Contact details for Advertising Programs and Affiliate Programs - to be able to access and manage income
    Contact details of bloggers who work for me - a number of my blogs are written these days by others.
    Contact details for web hosts - without these the blogs fall over and income disappears
    Passwords for Paypal accounts
    Backup details - for blogs and computers
    Blog and hosting passwords - to give her (or those who help her) access
    Instructions on what to do - a few notes on what I’d suggest she does. Which blogs she could sell (and who could help her sell them), which to allow to run (and who to write on them), what my agreements are with different people etc

    More discussions at Problogger, EricGiguere, Interweb World, Blogging Pro.

    Obviously, new internet economy had presented a new challenge for internet practitioners with regards to business income continuity of these internet professionals. Lets hope, those involved in will writing or legal advice would come up with real solutions to these real problems potentially faced by a growing number of internet professionals especially professional bloggers.

    It’s interesting also to find out if insurance companies would response to this new business insurance needs catering to professional bloggers and internet marketers. Any new idea anyone?

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    It’s Time For Problogger Group Writing Project Again

    Posted by CJCM on 20th December 2006

    Yes…. Darren Rowse of Problogger had launched another Group Writing Competition again. I had joined the project last time and I am definitely part of it again this time around. However, I am participating in the Group Writing Project from my other site Kuala Lumpur is Home. Check it out.. and have fun.

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    It’s Time For Problogger Group Writing Project Again

    Posted by CJCM on 20th December 2006

    Yes…. Darren Rowse of Problogger had launched another Group Writing Competition again. I had joined the project last time and I am definitely part of it again this time around. However, I am participating in the Group Writing Project from my other site Kuala Lumpur is Home. Check it out.. and have fun.

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    Posted by CJCM on 15th December 2006

    PayPerPostI had just checked my email and had noticed an email from PayPerPost that looked like it was sent only to members of PayPerpost. I was wondering because I knew I am not yet accepted as one of their PayPerPost bloggers. I remember about one week back PayPerPost had sent an email regarding my application and informed me about my blog not being accepted due to a technical problem with my blog where they had claimed that I had a duplicate site of the same blog.

    True enough, my blog used to be hosted at http://www.articlesportfolio.com/blogcjcm but had been migrated to a new domain http://www.cjcm2u.com. I had not removed the old blog, but I have setup a permanent redirect to the new url. I had resubmitted my blog with an explanation and had not been checking the status until I received an email from them just now. Upon logging into my account I found out my blog had been accepted by PayPerPost.

    There had been quite an interesting story behind my application to PayPerPost. I had received an email from another friend of mine who had recommended that I apply to join PayPerPost. She had mentioned that she could get referral fee for recommending friends to join PayPerPost. After reading about PayPerPost, I became interested and had applied through the website. I am supposed to receive an email where I had to activate my account right after the registration process. However the email never arrived and I had tried to re-register a few times only to face the same problem. So I had contacted PayPerPost through their contact form and had explained about my predicament hoping they would resolve that very quickly. But that was soo looooong time ago, so long I had given up hope of joining PayPerPost. However, I had received an another email from PayPerPost at least two or three weeks ago informing that my account had been activated and that I could now log in. That was when I had tried to register my blog and got rejected due to the reason explained above.

    So I now have another option of additional income through blogging which I think is quite interesting. Eventhough there had been many controversy around paid-posts discussed and argued over many blogs and forums, I think there is nothing wrong with pay per post blogging. Why so much fuss about it when you also get paid for displaying advertisement on your blog, getting paid for someone clkicking on the Google ads via Adsense, getting paid for referring visitors to an affiloiate site and what not?

    PayPerPost is just another avenue for blogger to get additional income and I am totally comfortable with it because it’s no different to what I am already doing at Profy and Gadgetell where I got paid for every post I write in those two blogs. Paid blogger is just another job, just like salesman job. Instead of selling just that company’s product, PayPerPost bloggers sell many different products and services…and what is wrong with that? Come on guys… leave me alone with this, will you?

    By the way, I have not earned any money yet from PayPerPost but after this post I hope there will be some money rolling into my PayPal account that I can used for my online shopping. And the best part is, I am not alone here… you too can also join the club, as long as you are not bothered with those people that have been putting ‘their’ negative opinions about PayPerPost.

    Good luck with your blogging!!

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    Update on CREAMaid

    Posted by CJCM on 11th December 2006

    CREAMaid payment received

    Well, I got something creamy from CREAMYaid. My conversation about being one of the awesome million had been accepted by the conversation starter, so they had paid me some royalty on that… not much but the USD4 sent to my PayPal proved that CREAMYaid beta hold true to its promise.

    Like I mentioned in the update for my first conversation about the CREAMaid itself, I was accepted but there was no royalty due to the conversation campaign had been stopped.

    So it is very important that you ensure a conversation campaign is actually running if you want to get paid when you are accepted.

    Good luck!!

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