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    Use SEO techniques to improve your website search engine ranking

    Posted by CJCM on 2nd May 2007

    Promoting your website in the internet can be done in many ways. For example, you can send emails to all your friends in your address book and let them know about your products website so that they can visit the site to find out more about your products services. You can even send SMS to every contact in your mobile phone although that is a little unconventional.

    However, the methods mentioned above can only reach those who you know. What about millions others that you don’t know who use internet everyday looking for products and services offered by your competitors? The answer is very obvious. You must conquer the main tool used by these millions internet users in searching for information in the internet, the search engines.

    Search Engine Optimation (SEO) is defined as techniques used to improve a website’s ranking in the search engines. Over at Wikipedia, SEO, which is a subset of search engine marketing, is defined as the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via “natural” (”organic” or “algorithmic”) search results.

    For some information technology-savvy internet marketers and webmaster, SEO can be self-implemented by learnig about SEO techniques which are widely available over the internet itself. This can save them some good money and in turn provide them opportunities to learn about SEO itself.

    For serious online business owners who have neither skills nor time to learn SEO techniques themselves, professional SEO service is the only choice they have. The experience and expertise posed by these search engine marketing (SEM) companies not only ensure the right search engine strategy deployed for each business type, but also making sure the SEO and SEM efforts give maximum return on investment for the businesses over a long term period.

    Before engaging any third party to implement the SEO strategy for their businesses, it is very important for these business owners to have general understanding about SEO and SEM. Again, the internet medium offers almost unlimited resources for such information. One of the first steps that should be taken by these online enterpreneurs is to understand as much as possible about SEO by studying search engine marketing glossary.

    Having a good general understanding about these SEM glossary will provide the business owners not only knowledge about SEO and SEM in general, but also gives them some advantages when dealing with the professional SEO consultant they are going to engage to provide online search engine strategy for their business.

    SEO implementation that are executed with business owners having a good understanding about the topic will enhance the chances of obtaining successful results as well as fruitful and long-term business relationships between the business owners and the SEO consultant hired.

    This is a sponsored post.

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    Submit your site to Links Portfolio web directory

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd February 2007

    Links Portfolio web directoryWeb directory submission is one of the SEO tools that is avaialble to webmasters to increase their sites visibility to search engines and improve your site ranking. I run a web directory Links Portfolio and have announced a special promotional offer before where the regular listing are available for free for the first 200 sites submitted. Now the offer had expired as the target of having 200 sites had been achieved.

    I just launched another promotional offer at Links Portfolio. Submissions under Featured Listing and Regular Listing are now running at 50% discount. This promotional offer is also limited to next 300 submissions, that is the total number of Active Links is 500. Regular Listing with reciprocal link remains free of charge.

    So don’t miss opportunity to submit your site to Links Portfolio, a search engine friendly human-edited web directory with wide array of categories. Links Portfolio currently is having PR2 by Google so it should give your sites some quality backlinks for future Google ranking of your websites.

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    Keywords melayu boleh: The SEO competition heats up

    Posted by CJCM on 27th January 2007

    Wang Cyber.com, had taken the initiative to hold an SEO contest with the idea to eliminate the adult-oriented, 18sx-oriented, sex-oriented image of the keywords melayu boleh, two malay words that have been long associated with pornography. And the response among Malaysian bloggers is just overwhelming, to say the least. Almost one month after the launch of the SEO competition, the impact can already be seen on search engine results. Try it out for yourself and search melayu boleh in Google, Yahoo, or whatever your search engine you typically use… Except for one site hosted in Indonesia, which I think is using a paid search engine advertising on the keywords melayu boleh to ensure it is listed in the 1st position, you wouldn’t see many links to adult-related or pornography sites for the keywords melayu boleh in the first few pages of the search results…. thanks to the SEO competition organized by Wang Cyber.com, a cyber war worth organizing to restore the credibility Malaysia as a nation and Malay language as an official language of Malaysia.

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    An SEO challenge on Malay keywords Melayu Boleh

    Posted by CJCM on 21st January 2007

    This is interesting. A Malaysian-based WangCyber.com, a Malaysian Internet Enterpreneurs Community, is organizing an SEO challenge on Malay keywords Melayu Boleh.

    The idea is to utilize your SEO skills and depoly what ever techniques you want to use to make sure the keywords Melayu Boleh are listed high in the search engines. The top three sites listed in the search engines will be declared as winners and the site owners stand to win some prizes, the top one being a MYR100 (approximately USD30).

    What makes this challenge interesting is the fact that, unce upon a time, the keywords Melayu Boleh used to be associated with an adult site named Melayuboleh.com (I am not sure the exact URL used by the site at that time. At present www.melayuboleh.com had been registered and listed for sale by whoever the owenr is). So popular the Melayu Boleh site that the keywords had been searched millions of times by websurfers looking to find pornography materials on the internet.

    The aim of this competition is to dis-associate the terms Melayu Boleh with the pornographic materials the keywords were once famous for. For the uninitiated, if I am not wrong the term Melayu Boleh (Malay Can) was coined by a Malay-based political party UMNO to inject some sense of pride among Malays that they can achive anything. Correct me here if I am wrong.

    Congratulation and good luck to all those bloggers who have joined the bandwagon to eliminate this bad image of the term Melayu Boleh and I would like to wish all the best to those who have accepted the challenge by WangCyber.com. You guys can!!

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    CJCM and IT’s Page Rank 4/10

    Posted by CJCM on 15th January 2007

    CJCM and IT's Page Rank

    I wasn’t really aware that Google had apparently updated the page ranks again. Just out of curiosity, today I checked my blog’s page rank, and I was in for a surprise and I am quite happy with the page ranking. I have been waiting quite long for my blog to be ranked by Google. Honestly I didn’t expect the ranking to be that high. I thought 2/10 would have been just fine, but I am not complaining :) So what does it mean to have a good page rank?

    1. PageRank is a function of Google that measures the quality of a website on a scale of 0 to10. The theory is that high quality sites receive a higher PageRank based on visitors and traffic your site receives. (Note : Definitions of Page Rank on the Web)

    2. From SEO point of view, any link from a good Page Rank web page would contribute positively to the page’s ranking of the link. In the blogging world, this means that if you make comments in a good page rank blog and provide a link to your blog, the chance of your blog receiving good page rank is also high. So, just like what I normally do, please do not hesitate to comment on my blog :) after all, it’s good to practice to comment in the blog postings to encourage interactions. If you comments on other blogs, the chances are people also comments on your blog so the benefits are both ways. In addition, I also have a link exchange page if you like to exchange link with my site.

    3. I participate in PayPerPost or other similar programs. Now that my blog has got a quite high page rank, I can participate in more campaigns especially in the ones that specifically mentioned a page rank requirement. For example a campaign some times specifies that a blog must have a page rank of 3/10 (or whatever page rank) to participate in the pay per post campaign. So I now have better opportunity to make more money :) speaking of which, I just received my first payment from PayPerPost for one of the campaign that I have participated before.

    4. Other opportunity to earn from advertising also opens up better. Text link advertising for example, provides better link value if your blogs have good page ranks. I currently do not have any text link advertising on my site but I hope to venture into that later.

    I look forward to improving the page rank further in the future. In the mean time, if you just got an updated page rank by Google, I wish your blog’s page rank is as good as mine if not better.

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