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    Wendy Piersall and Steve Olson are having so much fun they are paying bloggers….

    Posted by CJCM on 21st February 2007

    Wendy Piersall vs Steve OlsonMy friend Wendy Piersall who blogs at eMoms at Home is having a lot of fun and in the way is getting a little bit ’silly’ with her Steve Olson vs Wendy Piersall MyBlogLog Community Building Challenge. I say ’silly’ because you normally enter into a community building competition hoping to be a winner by driving the crowd to join your own community but in this case it is just the opposite. Now if that’s not ’silly’ I dont know what is :)

    And boys… and girls…. the two bloggers really take the matter to help their opponent getting more community members so seriously that two are now entering new chapter of the challenge by employing ‘dirty tactics’ to get more people to join their opponent’s MyBlogLog community… now how much more silly that can be? Yup…. it involves some kind of ‘bribery’. I got to know that both challengers are now paying their friends to help blog about the competition and drive more traffic to each others community.

    Silly it may sound, the real beneficiary to this positively crazy challenge is an organization called Kiva.org. It’s an organization that provide microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries to get them out of the poverty.

    So in the name of friendship and fun, I am asking all of you to help Wendy Piersall in her quest to win this game by joining Steve Olson’s MyBlogLog community.

    And Wendy, for the benefit of those entrepreneurs in developing countries, please help to pledge whatever amount you had intended to ‘bribe’…. err pay me for blogging about this to Kiva.org….. those people deserve more. Who ever the winner and loser of this interesting challenge, both of you are winners, IMHO. Steve Olson, here I come! Happy blogging!

    I joined Steve Olson's MyBlogLog community for Kiva.org

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    MyBlogLog Acquired by Yahoo

    Posted by CJCM on 11th January 2007

    If you can’t beat them, buy them. That must be the motto nowadays in the Iternet and the IT world. Days ago, Yahoo just concluded the deal to buy MyBlogLog, a Web2.0 outfit that connects blog readers together. Ironically, I had registered at MyBlogLog but haven’t had time to complete the process of incorporating it into my blog. I was actually reading Blogg-Buzz when I found out about the news, which led me to Half Baked Blog and finally ended up at OM Malik’s GIGAOM where he had written in detail of his dinner with Scott Rafer, MyBlogLog’s Chairman. Congratulation to Scott and his team on the deal. Few more millionares born out of MyBlogLog…I guess??

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    Let StumbleUpon drives traffic to your site!

    Posted by CJCM on 7th January 2007

    StumbleUpon is worth trying.Although I have known about StumbleUpon for quite some time, I hadn’t had to experiment it myself until yesterday. I had registered myself at StumbleUpun sometime ago but I didn’t spend the time required setting everything up, so yesterday was the day that I had spent about an hour looking at what StumbleUpon had to offer. StumbeUpon in a simple term is just another social-bookmarking service, one of the many that are already available on the internet. To cut the story short, I had StumbleUpon my other blog Kuala Lumpur Is Home just to see how it works. And today when I checked the traffic statistic page for the blog, I was quite amazed and happy. Overnight, Kuala Lumpur Is Home had 55 new visitors with more than 90 page views just by me tagging it in StumbleUpon. Not bad ehhh? The moral of the story is social bookmarking does work and I have decided to make social bookmarking as one of the things I would spend some time through out this new year of 2007. You should too. Share with us what your experiences are using any of the social bookmarking service. Good luck

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