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    Save Telephone Bill with VOIPBuster

    Posted by CJCM on 30th November 2006

    VoipBusterDo you use Skype for your telephony requirements? Now you have another option for a Voip-based telephony services.

    VoipBuster works very much like Skype. You can make calls to your friends and relatives for free if both ends are using VoipBuster. You can also buy some credits and make calls to other mobile or fixed phones.

    What makes VoipBuster different from Skype is that, you can call fixed phones in designated countries for FREE for 120 days from the day you top up your credit for 10 Euros. How’s that for a saving? Better still, your credit will never expire. So if you are running out of 120 days free calls, you top up another 10 Euros and get another 120 days of free calls to any fixed phones in those designated countries.

    But I guess you have to make use the credits somehow, right. Just use it for calling other mobile numbers or fixed numbers in those countries not covered for 120 days free calls. The charge is cheap too, if not cheaper than Skype in certain cases.

    Here is my saving calculations, applicable for Malaysian subscribers using Streamyx broadband connection only:

    Before I subscribe to VOIPBuster
    Streamyx package MYR 66 per month
    Fixed phone call charges MYR 80 per month (Approximate)
    Total monthly charges MYR 146 per month

    After I subscribed to VOIPBuster
    Streamyx package MYR 66 per month
    Fixed phones call charges free
    VoipBuster credit MYR 16 per month (Approximate, based on 10 Euros for 3 months)
    Total monthly charges MYR 82 per month

    Saving MYR 64 per month (about 43%)

    Not bad right? What are you waiting for?
    Country list

    If your country is listed above, you are eligible for free calls to fixed phones. Get VoipBuster now.

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    RoboForm Makes My Day.

    Posted by CJCM on 13th November 2006

    Ever since I am involved with internet, I have accumulated a lot of user IDs and passwords for various sites that I have joined such as forums, memberships, affiliates and so on. Initially it was OK to just write down these passwords on a piece of paper and key them in when you need it, but with tens of IDs and passwords to remember and key-in, I cant take it anymore.

    I downloaded a trial version of RoboForm and installed it on my laptop and my login-life is soooooooooo much easier thanks to RoboForm. I decided to purchase the software after the trial ended. My PayPal account is now USD39.95 poorer but I am one happy blogger..no more passwords to remember.

    Actually I bought RoboForm2Go version, the one that can be installed on my USB drive, so I can just plug it in into any laptop or PC. As a security, RoboForm asks you to enter a master password the first time you use the RoboForm to login, so if you lost your USB drive full of IDs and passwords, you are still safe..unless of course you use an easily guessed password or write your password in your USB drive which isn’t very smart to do… :)
    I highly recommend RoboForm2Go for all of you especially internet marketers, since you guys normally have zillions of IDs and passwords. I have registered as an affiliate for RoboForm so if you like to try or buy one of the most useful software ever invented, RoboForm, I would appreciate if you download or buy it from my affiliate link (just click the baner) so that I can earn some commision. Otherwise, all profits go to RoboForm alone….why not shareit with me? :)

    RoboForm Banner 2

    Happy login!!

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    New Firefox 2.0 is cool.

    Posted by CJCM on 30th October 2006

    FirefoxAre you still using IE for browsing the internet? Maybe its time to re-consider switching to Forefox 2.0, even as a standby browser in case your IE is playing up on you.

    The latest Mozilla browser is so configurable you can tweak a lot of different settings to suit your needs.

    You say you don’t like the new way to close tabs? Change them. You want Firefox to stop hogging your RAM? Reduce it. You want to save sessions when Firefox crashes? Save them.

    Check it out at Lifehacker via Gadgetell

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    Free Software - Easy Thumbnails

    Posted by CJCM on 24th August 2006

    Webmasters normally need to display a lot of images on their webpages. One method to use so that the image is uploaded and displayed faster is to use thumbnail of the original images.

    The thumbnails that are hyperlinked to the original images are displayed first. This shouldnt take very long with thumbnails. When a thumbnail image is clicked, the actual and bigger image is then displayed in the browser window.

    One such software that can help webmaster to convert normal images to thumbnails is Easy Thumbnails, created by Fookes Software. The beauty of this small software utility is that it is offered completely free.

    tn_cjcm-and-it.JPGCheckout the sample that I created. Click the thumbnail to see the actual image. If you would like to download the software, please click here.

    Key Features
    Can scale images up or down with high quality results.
    Choice of eleven resampling filters, including Lanczos3.
    Can sharpen soft images, particularly those from digital cameras.
    Shows a real-time preview of the target image and its file size.
    Preserves EXIF data in JPEG images larger than 300×300 pixels.
    Automatically removes EXIF data from small thumbnails.
    Supports JPEG 2000.
    Supports lossless rotation of JPEG images.
    Offers an extensive set of command-line switches.
    Can create Web pages of image sets, based on customizable templates.
    Free software producing quality results.

    Supported Image Formats
    JPEG (*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.jpe;*.jps)
    JPEG 2000 (*.jpc;*.j2k;*.jp2)
    Portable Bitmap (*.pbm; *.pgm; *.ppm)
    Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
    Tagged Image File Format (*.tif;*.tiff;*.fax)
    Truevision Targa (*.tga;*.targa;*.vda;*.vst)
    Windows Enhanced Meta File (*.emf)
    Windows Icon File (*.ico)
    Windows Meta File (*.wmf)
    Windows or OS/2 Bitmap (*.bmp;*.dib;*.rle)
    Wireless Bitmap images (*.wbmp)
    Zsoft PC Paintbrush (*.pcx)

    Which software tool you use to convert your images to thumbnails?

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