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    SponsoredReviews officially launched

    Posted by CJCM on 8th April 2007

    SponsoredReviews - win-win for bloggers and advertisersI joined a new web advertising program called SponsoredReviews sometime in mid January 2007. At that time the program was at the beta testing stage so I just joined and requested to be notified upon its launch. SponsoredReviews had been officially launched recently and I just got my first order from them. The first assignment is to review the SponsoredReviews itself.

    It looks like the trend among web advertising companies such as PayPerPost, RevewMe, CreamAid and now SponsoredReview is to always to review itself, which I think is important to create buzz among internet communities. After all web advertising companies also need to promote themselves too, right?

    So what is SponsoredReviews? Do I need to go in detail? With all the buzz, publicity and even controversy around pay-per-post schemes, it is suffice to say SponsoredReviews is not much different from other web advertising services that offers opportunity for advertisers to get their products and services reviewed by bloggers. The bloggers in turn get paid for their review services.

    Despite the similarity in the services offered by other paid advertising companies, SponsoredReviews has it own unique identities and features. The part that I think most bloggers like best is the fact that SponsoredReviews pays bloggers every two weeks after the assignments are completed. Other paid advertising companies normally companies pay bloggers one month after the assignments are completed. Now that is a big plus for bloggers.

    Bloggers are also not required to write only positive reviews. As a matter of fact, constructive critisms are expected so that quality of the products and services being reviewed can be improved from bloggers feedback.

    From advertisers point of veiw, SponsoredReviews has other advantages as well. SponsoredReviews offers a low transaction fees of only 35% while they claim their competitors charge 50%.

    Another good point of the system is that SponsoredReviews offers a Two-way system where advertisers and bloggers can search for each other for assignments. This is definitely unique feature of SponsoredReviews. In other programs, advertisers posts available opportunities and wait for bloggers to reply with offer to review their services, although the advertisrs can reject the reviews if it does not meet their requirements. With SponsoredReviews’s ability to search for each other, advertisers who place greater emphasize on the quality of bloggers now have the option to search for a good blogger in the pool of bloggers and make an offer. But I am not sure if advertisers would want to go through that process. Maybe they prefer the bloggers looking for them instead. Whatever that may be, the option is there and advertisers now have the opportunity to pick the best bloggers to review their products and services.

    Other features of SponsoredReviews include Automated Rating System which will make it easy for advertisers to find high quality blogs. Sponsored Reviews’s bidding system allows both advertisers and publishers to negotiate pricing although bloggers will be able to set their own prices with manual pricing. SponsoredReviews’s system will make recommendations based on their Automated Ratings System, but bloggers will be able to choose their own prices. Of course the final prices will have to be agreed by both advertisers and bloggers.

    So what are you waiting for? If you have good blogs, I would suggest that you register with SponsoredReviews and have an opportunity to monetize your blogs in a new way. Advertisers should also take advantage of the many features available to promote your products and services over the internet. Bloggers Earn Cash, Advertisers Build Buzz. I am off to seek more opportunities and get paid in two weeks time.. :)

    This is a sponsored post.

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