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    Blog about Bid4LinksPortfolio.com and get rewarded

    Posted by CJCM on 14th June 2007

    I have just launched a promotional offer for bloggers to get their blogs listed at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com. Checkout the details here. Don’t forget to tell your friends as well. The offer will expire on 30th June 2007.. so hurry up before its too late.

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    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com to drive traffic to your site

    Posted by CJCM on 13th June 2007

    Bid for top spots at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directoryI have just launched a new web directory, Bid4ListingPortfolio.com which is based on the increasingly popular trend of bidding for top stpos in a web directory.

    It’s pretty simple in concept where your site will be displayed at the top of the list if you dare to bid for the highest spot in the directory. How much does it cost to be at the top? You decide…. of course it depends on how much the current bidder isholding for the top spot and how much you are willing to spend on advertising for your site. If you are not so crazy about being at the top, then you can just bid for a position at Bid4LinksPortfolio.com for a minium of USD1.00 for link building of your website which would eventually contribute to the ranking of your site.

    Once your bid is accepted, Bid4LinksPortfolio.com will display your site’s link showing the number of backlinks from Google, Yahoo and Technorati as well as the number of pages as indexed by Google, Yahoo and MSN. It also displays the PR of your site… all are visible from the main page for the top 10 successful bidders.

    Powered by phpLinkBid, I hope you like Bid4LinksPortfolio.com web directory which I have spent almost two days setting up and tweaking the template to make quite unique in terms of the layout although I wish I can be more creative in terms of colours. Give me some more time, I will try to improve whenever I have time…. do letme know your opinions and suggestion.

    I am also thinking of developing the template further and make it available for download but that will take some times if it ever happens.. :)

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    Top Ten Bid, another new web directory by Alang

    Posted by CJCM on 4th April 2007

    Top Ten Bid

    Although we have never met in person, I have known Alang for as long as I am involved in blogging and internet business. It was from him that I learn how to earn money online through web directory and articles directory. Subsequently, we became partners where I am the editor for PDAs Review, a blog that is part of by Alang’s SZAB Network. Alang expertise and resourcefullness in web directory is second to none among Malaysians, if not the blogosphere. He had came up with many ideas of earning money through web directory. 50 Pages Website, Ventedoy are two of his unique ideas of web directory.

    Alang had just launched another interesting web directory concept called Top Ten Bid. I think you already know roughly what that means, but to know more I will let Alang does the telling himself. You can find how it works here at his blog (in Malay language) If you dont read Malay, worry you can read how it works here in English. The idea for Top Ten Bid is derived from DollarLinking.com,according to Alang.

    Yes, I have placed 3 bids for my three sites CJCMedia Network, CJCM and IT and Kuala Lumpur is Home. I think I am the first to place the bids there.

    Congratulation Alang on your new business idea.

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    Submit your site to Links Portfolio web directory

    Posted by CJCM on 3rd February 2007

    Links Portfolio web directoryWeb directory submission is one of the SEO tools that is avaialble to webmasters to increase their sites visibility to search engines and improve your site ranking. I run a web directory Links Portfolio and have announced a special promotional offer before where the regular listing are available for free for the first 200 sites submitted. Now the offer had expired as the target of having 200 sites had been achieved.

    I just launched another promotional offer at Links Portfolio. Submissions under Featured Listing and Regular Listing are now running at 50% discount. This promotional offer is also limited to next 300 submissions, that is the total number of Active Links is 500. Regular Listing with reciprocal link remains free of charge.

    So don’t miss opportunity to submit your site to Links Portfolio, a search engine friendly human-edited web directory with wide array of categories. Links Portfolio currently is having PR2 by Google so it should give your sites some quality backlinks for future Google ranking of your websites.

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    Blog-em Up: Web Directory and Traffic The Fun Way

    Posted by CJCM on 9th January 2007

    Blog-em Up

    Hey guys, have you heard of Blog-em Up before? If you haven’t, let me tell you a little bit about it here. Blog-em Up is another type of web directory service, quite a unique one at that. What you do is that you buy the top spot for USD10 and get to display your site there. All you have to do is just blog about the site in your blog.

    The next person then buys the top spot for USD9 which is USD1 cheaper, but you have to do more work by blogging about the site and the previous site in the top spot which by now would have moved down to second spot.

    So that’s how the cycle works. The next site always pay USD1 less but the owner has to blog about 1 additional site more than previous site owner. Simple isn’t it? And it’s fun too. You get the traffic as well as the permanent link. And the best thing for now is that the first 50 sites signed up wil be FREE. Good luck and enjoy!!

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    Ventedoy… Another Unique Directory by Alang

    Posted by CJCM on 17th December 2006

    Guys… you have to take a look at this. Before this Alang had scored a first when he created the 50 Pages Website directory. Now he has Ventedoy, another unique directory service by Alang. I won’t talk much about it because you can get the details at the website. The idea is amazingly simple and the potential to make money is huge. I knew this guy was up to something… and here it is… welcome to Ventedoy.

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    What Do You Do As a Blogger?

    Posted by CJCM on 6th December 2006

    Have you ever wondered what does a blogger do everyday? Well, of course we have to write articles for our blog. Thats what we do most of the time. But that’s is not all, especially if you are a paid blogger. In addition to writing for the blogs, a blogger also has to promote his or her blog. There are many ways to promote a bog. The most common one is submitting your blog to blog directories or general web directories. The more directories you submit your blog to, the more chances people will find your blog, increasing traffic to your blog.

    A blogger also should join as many forums as possible where you can promote your blog in those forums. The most common method here is to display your blog in your signature which is visible in all your posting so that people can see and click to look at your blog. The more active you are in a forum, the more chances other forum members will see your blog.

    Of course, a blogger should also visit other blogs written by other bloggers. You should not miss the opportunity to comment in others blogs, contributing to online discussions. If you comment smartly and relevant to the topic being blogged, people will notice you and will want to see your blog and the chances are they might come back for more if your contents are interesting. What type of blogs you would want to visit? Well, you can actually visit any blogs really, but if you are writing for celebrity blogs, for example, it is better if you visits and comments on other celebrity blogs written by others. I like to visit a lot of technology blogs because that is what I am interested in. But I sure do visit other blogs as well for sharing knowledge and experience.

    There are also other chores a blogger does every other day such replying to emails and researching for ideas and materials for the blogs, but in general, bloggers must spend a lot of time promoting his or her blogs so that more people will find his or her blog.

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    List Your Website in Links Portfolio

    Posted by CJCM on 17th November 2006

    Links Portfolio
    I am very sure most of you have a website. One way to spread the news about your website is by listing it in as many web directories as possible so that you can reach wider audience. I have launched my web directory Links Portfolio barely over two months ago and the number of submission is quite encouraging.

    Links Portfolio offers three options for listing:

    1. Featured Listing (paid)
    2. Regular Listing (paid)
    3. Regular listing with reciprocal (free)

    I am currently running a promotion for Links Portfolio.

    Regular listings are currently free for first 200 submissions and as of today more than 100 slots have been taken. I am pretty sure it will run out sooner than I had thought, as Links Portfolio is now being promoted in quite a few places on the world wide web. The pace is really picking up.

    I am also offering a 2-year Featured Listing for for the price of 1 year, which is really good deal.

    Links Portfolio had been newly accepted as a member of ISEDN.org (Independent Search Engine and Directory Network).

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    My new web directory

    Posted by CJCM on 1st September 2006

    I have been busy with this project for the last few days since last week. Finally, it is up and running. Links Portfolio.com is running on phpLinkDirectory script. I decided to launch Links Portfolio.com as a paid web directory as there are already a lot of free directories for those seeking free listing. I also believe Links Portfolio.com as paid directory will attract better quality submissions as only those who are serious in promoting their websites will patronize paid links directory.

    Since this is paid directory, I am not expecting a lot of new link submissions in the weeks to come, but I am prepared to give it as much time it needs to be accepted by the market out there. I hope to get lots of good quality sites registered in this web directory in the future.

    Currently, payment can only be made via PayPal. Very soon it will be accepting credit card as well when I have upgraded my PayPal account.

    This is the first time Links Portfolio.com ever promoted on the internet. I can foresee that I will be spending a lot more time in the next couple of weeks promoting this web directory over the internet.

    If you notice, there are no Adsense ads on this site. I will be promoting only BidVertiser ads on this web directory. Later on I would like to compare the BidVertisers and Adsense to see which one is better performer to my bottom line. I hope both will do well :).

    I really appreciate if you have any comment to regarding my directory. I am open to any suggestion, except to make it free directory listing. :)


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