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    Smooth Migration for CJCM2u.com

    Posted by CJCM on 19th November 2006

    I couldn’t have done it so smoothly without the cool WordPress-to-Wordpress migration plugin available at Technosailer. The new version 2.0 have been released however I got my migration done just nice even witht Version 1.02. The plugin is really easy to use. Just make sure your ‘Upload’ folder access level is set to 777 (using CHGMOD command) to allow the plugin write access to your new blog. This seems to be common problem faced by those who have used this plugin before…including me.

    It’s really funny WordPress has import scripts for other major blogging software but not for its own. I suggest you download this script immediately and save it on your hard disk somewhere. It can be really handy when you need it… :)

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    Gobala and His 100PercentMalaysian.com

    Posted by CJCM on 14th November 2006

    I don’t know exactly what Gobala is up to, but it must be going to be quite big, just by looking at his name and his new project….all 100% Malaysian. If you are looking for a Malaysia-boleh guy, Gobala certainly fits this stereotype well…in addition to other top Malaysian internet marketers such as Irfan Khairi, Saiful Hisham, Alang (he is a low profile guy but succesful..I learn a lot from him :) ), LiewCF, Colbert Low …just to name a few….and the list goes on and on.

    Back to Gobala’s story…he is launching 100PercentMalaysian.com on 15th November 2006…that’s tomorrow guys….no wonder he is asking for help to drive traffic to his new site…this is great thing about internet. In short time you can reach millions of people, if you know what you are doing…I hope I do… :)
    No I am not doing it because of free Astro Max Gobala is offering for top referrers (my site’s crowd is not there yet..but I hope is growing…please tell your friends about CJCM and IT…TQ) but I am doing it because of Malaysian Internet Marketers camraderie…if you know what I mean…we internet marketers are helpful lot..providing tips for free, promoting each others products so that everyone benefits….I hope I make my point clearly there.

    So don’t forget to bookmark 100PercentMalaysian.com and be there first thing tomorrow…I can’t wait my self…Good luck Gobala!!! Malaysia Boleh!! (Malaysia Can Do It!!)

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    Andreas09 - New WordPress Theme

    Posted by CJCM on 9th November 2006

    I decided to change the existing theme of CJCM and IT to a new one. There are only two requirements….the new theme must have 3 columns and I want to maintain the blue color design of the original theme. And I have chosen Andreas09. Don’t ask me why I choose this theme…I just want something new and I think I like this one. I can change the color easily too if I want to.

    Actually there are so many good WordPress themes out there, selecting one that is suitable is
    just a nightmare….so I wil settle for this one for the time being.

    I do hope you like it but if you don’t, too bad.. :) May be next time I upgrade you will like it.

    So there will be no ads for now… I will have to start from scratch incorporating all the links from my previous theme…this will take some time.


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